Ncell Roaming

Stay connected away from home!
This service enables you to carry your cell phone with your Ncell number while travelling abroad and be in touch with your friends, family and business via voice, SMS or data service. Ncell has made roaming convenient due to its global network which covers most of the places you wish to visit. We are constantly increasing our network worldwide for you to stay connected.
See the network coverage and rate of roaming here.
Activation/Deactivation of Roaming Service:
For Business plan customers, you can activate roaming service from below two methods:
If you are travelling to the below mentioned countries, you can activate roaming service by yourself. Just dial *17129# and follow the instructions. Make sure you activate the roaming service before leaving Nepal and that you have enough balance in your account.
Self-activation works when you travel to below countries:
  • Albania
  • Australia
  • Bangladesh
  • Cambodia
  • China
  • Czech Republic
  • Germany
  • Ghana
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Ireland
  • Malaysia
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • Romania
  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • Spain
  • Sri Lanka
  • Sweden
  • Thailand
  • Turkey
  • UAE
  • UK
  • USA
Activation from Ncell Centre
For all other countries where Ncell roaming is available, you will need to visit your nearest Ncell Centre and fill Roaming Activation form (download the form here) and place the corresponding amount of Rs. 10,000 on the account. This amount of Rs. 10,000 will activate roaming service for one week. You can also contact your respective account manager and follow the instruction for roaming activation.
In case you want to extend your roaming service, you can apply similarly with the corresponding amount.
How to use?
Network Selection: You can select your network automatically or manually. When the selection is set to automatic, the handset will register itself with one of the partner operators’ network.
You may also select the desired network manually in case a mobile handset fails to find the network automatically. To do so, one should go to the Menu option of the phone > Network Selection > Manual > choose the desired network from the list.
Calling method
You can make calls while roaming by using the following methods:
Ncell numbers Dial +977 or 00977 followed by Ncell number. Eg. +9779803XXXXXX
Other mobile networks of Nepal Dial +977 or 00977 followed by mobile number.
Landline number of Nepal Dial +977 or 00977 followed by area code without 0 and then the landline number.
International number Dial + country code or 00 country code followed by the mobile number or city code and landline number.
Checking balance
  • Dial *101# (free of charge)
  • Send blank SMS to 90012 (roaming SMS charge will apply if you are checking the balance via SMS while roaming)
Balance top-up
Balance top-up for customers using Advance service
  • Dial *102*Recharge PIN Code# (free of charge)
  • SMS Recharge PIN code to 90012 (roaming SMS charge will apply if you are topping up via SMS while roaming)
  • You can also top-up using online mediums like e-sewa or debit card via https://payment.ncell.axiata.com
Balance top-up service is not available for Postpaid Credit customers.
Data Roaming
To use data roaming, you need to switch on the Data Roaming from your phone menu. Also, make sure that your APN (Access Point Name) in Settings is set to web.
Dial *17129# and follow the instruction to buy unlimited data pack and enjoy surfing internet while roaming.
Please Note
  • Customers should have enough credit/balance to make and receive calls.
  • Calls to Ncell Centre are charged by roaming partners as international calls to Nepal.
  • Roaming partner may restrict use of some of the listed services.
  • Roamer is charged for incoming and outgoing calls as well as for sending SMS. Receiving SMS is free of charge.
  • The mentioned roaming tariff rates are based on calculation of tariff schemes provided by roaming partners, which on their part are subject to constant changes. Therefore, roaming tariffs differ from operator to operator within the same country.
If you have activated the roaming service and you are travelling near the border areas of India and China, please make sure that you are latched to Ncell network before making/receiving any calls, SMS or using data service. Sometimes, there is high probability of latching to other operator’s network in border areas due to the increase in their frequency. So you need to confirm the latched network to avoid this issue.
To overcome such situation, please make sure that your network mode is in manual. Please avoid automatic network mode as it may latch to any of the available networks of India or China which has good coverage.
1. Switch off data roaming while data is not used.
2. Do not respond to suspicious SMS or links to avoid bill shocks.
3. In line with the International Privacy Practices, we do not record or store information about websites visited, or applications used by you via data and Blackberry services. Therefore, Ncell will not be able to furnish such itemized/detailed information except to the level of charges levied by the international operators, which would be considered valid and true.

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