Call Free Numbers

Let your businesses be accessible to your associates / clients around the clock with Ncell Call Free Numbers!
  • This service gives your business access to all Ncell customers. Now all Ncell customers can call your Call Free Number for free.
  • Call Free Numbers will be provided to different organizations which will in turn ease the callers since they will be able to call for free of cost from their Ncell numbers.
  • Ncell Call Free Number is reachable from all operators in Nepal, International destinations, in-roamers and outbound roamers.

Product Details
  • All Ncell customers can call Ncell Call Free Numbers free of cost.
  • The Call Free Number is reachable from:
        • International 
        • Other Operators in Nepal
        • Inbound and outbound roamers
  • Companies subscribing to Call Free Numbers will be charged based on the following:
        Fix Monthly Fee
        Duration of received calls
  • Calls from outside Ncell network to Call Free Numbers (on the callers’ part) shall be charged on the tariffs set by the operators.
Applicable Charges (for Companies who subscribe to Ncell Call Free Numbers) 

  Tariff without taxes TSC      VAT TOTAL
Subscription Fee(One Time) 1,999 259.87 293.65 2,552.52
Tax - OT 1,000 0 130 1,130
Monthly Rental 1,499 194.87 220.20 1,914.07
Total 4,498 454.74 643.85 5,596.59

• Subscription fee is one time fee and is applicable at the time of subscription.
Monthly Rental : 1,499/month (exclusive of Government taxes)
Per incoming call will be charged @ Rs. 0.55*/minute (exclusive of Government taxes)(Government taxes include :- 13% Telecommunication Service Charge and 13% VAT. For Advance plan, 2% OT will be levied on monthly rental fee)

Terms and Conditions
  • Applicable to Corporate/Companies (with Credit Subscriptions) 
  • Corporate subscribing to Call Free Numbers needs to pay following on monthly basis:

    • Fix Monthly Fee
    • For each incoming call, the company needs to pay at the prescribed rate.

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