Ncell App Camp- 2014: The biggest app development conclave

Over the years, Nepal has shown a keen interest and ability in App Development.  What really was needed was the opportunity where innovative minds could materialize into prolific businesses. This is where Ncell App camp proved to be an extremely constructive platform that  inspired youth of Nepal to unleash their digital potential and build innovative businesses.

Objective of the Event:

Unleashing country's digital potential and inspiring youth to build innovative businesses.

About the Event:

Ncell App Camp was the biggest mobile apps development competition in Nepal, which provided unique opportunity to mobile enthusiasts to first acquire priceless global and local knowledge of App business, learn the skills of developing app and building business around it, then compete among themselves to standout and win exciting prizes. Competition was open for free in four thematic categories
1.     Agriculture
2.      Corporate Solutions
3.     Education and
4.     Tourism

An overwhelming response was received from the mobile enthusiasts from all over the country.  A total of 457 registrations was received out of which 150 promising ideas were selected to proceed further.

Series of seminars and trainings:

Ncell App Camp -2014 was a multi-stage event which comprised of continuous trainings , seminars and interaction with national and international speakers.  As many as 11 seminars and training sessions were conducted over a month. The Events had a participation of 600 budding entrepreneurs with a contribution of over 40 leading national and international speakers.
Ncell App Camp was also marked with the presence of Tommy Palm (the man behind candy crush saga) to mentor 150 teams. As a guest speaker and mentor he provided valuable knowledge and guidance on mobile app development, capacity building of participants, entrepreneurship skills for successful start-ups and business development. The event was successful even in initiating a debate on policy change for enabling developers monetize their apps which opened a new revenue stream for Ncell as well.
Out of 150 participating teams, 6 finalists from each category were selected with the respective jury members from the concerned thematic sectors. 24 Finalists teams headed towards the finale with their mobile apps ideas.

Closure and Final Events-

The final preparations of Ncell App Camp was a 3 day long process where first day comprised of talk sessions from national and international speakers like  Tomi Ahonen, Thomas Martunas and Karun Thapa. Second day of the finale was focused on one to one mentorship from field experts to all the 24 selected teams which competed with each other for the final.
24 finalist’s teams pitched their ideas and presented their useful mobile apps among 7 member Jury of National and International Experts. Every idea of the mobile apps was evaluated and marked by the jury members on different parameters. 

Thematic and Grand Prize Winners

Based on the evaluation of the national and international jury team, the winners were declared where ICT for Agriculture from the thematic area of Agriculture won the grand prize title of Ncell App Camp 2014. The winning team won the grand cash prize of Rs. 500,000 along with additional cash prize of Rs. 250,000 for category winner and also got the opportunity to participate in the international App Camp competition of 2015.
Similarly, Team Senti-Nep category winner of Corporate Solutions, RitiRiwaz Category winner of Education and Lipi (The Script) category winner of Tourism sector won cash prizes of Rs. 250,000 each respectively.

The event has been a remarkable achievement and a huge success in tapping the country’s potential of the app business.  The winners received much needed seed money to start up their ideas. Apps developed at Ncell App Camp will also be made available to the customers through Ncell App Sansar which is an official app of Ncell.

Benefits and Rewards:

The project strongly positioned Ncell as a socially responsible company nurturing talent, leading innovation, and contributing to the country’s economy.
Our Campaign communication was carried through ATL, social media and college activations. The project attracted more than 100 positive news/articles & created a buzz in the media, generating free media coverage of over USD 100,000 (NPR 10 million).
Ncell App Camp- 2014 was even awarded with Best Event Award'  in the Brand Peer Awards held by TeliaSonera which highlights the great work that TS business units do across the markets to strengthen our brands.

Ncell hands over prize money to App Camp Winners

Ncell handed over prize money to the winners of Ncell App Camp 2014, the biggest app development competition of the country.
Team ICT for Agriculture received a total prize amount of Rs 750,000including category winner prize for Agriculture and the grand prize of Ncell App Camp 2014. It also received Ncell sponsorship to participate in similar overseas app camp. 
Ncell CFO Carolina Bugaian handover over the cheque of Rs 500,000 and certificate of sponsorship to SibjanChaulagain, leader of the team that wa declared grand prize winner by a panel of independent jury. Dr. Shital K Shrestha, Sales Head, Probiotech Industries handed over the cheque of Rs 250,000 to the team as prize amount for the category winner.
Similarly, Mr. BinayaRegmi, COO of Nabil Bank gave awaycheque of Rs 250,000 to SentiNep that developed app ‘Opinio’ and became winner under category Corporate Solution. Riti-Riwaj, winner of Education category,received a cheque of Rs 250,000 from Bishnu Raj Adhikari, Cofounder of KCM, while Lipi (the Script) the winner of Tourism category received a cheque of Rs250,000 from Mahendra Bhattachan, Security and Admin Director of Ncell. 
ICT for Agriculture, the grand rize winning app, offers services related to cultivation, experts advise and market prices etc to the farmers. anOpinio is an application that analyzes the sentiments and opinions of people towards products/services and brand. RitiRiwaj is an app that educates user on Nepali culture, history and traditions, and thus preserve the traditions. Lipi aims to help tourists decipher Devnagari Signboards or text by simply translating the picture of the script intoEnglish or language they prefer.
These apps were declared winners and grand prize winner during the grand finaleof Ncell App Camp 2014 held on December 11 by an independent panel of jury.
Other finalists of Ncell App Camp were also awarded with a certificate of participation for their involvement in various capacity building seminars, training and mentoring sessions from various national and international field experts on app development and business development. The 24 teams had competed in the 3 day final event of Ncell App Camp where each team pitched their idea and demonstrated their app to the jury.
“Ncell App Camp 2014 has been very exciting journey of innovation. Now that teams have apps that can serve the four important sectors of Nepalese economy, it’s time to place them in market place and enable farmers, tourists, students and others make use of them,” said Bugaian. 
Vaidotas Abaravicius, Process and Projects Managerof Ncellalso introduced Ncell App Sansar,Ncell’sapp store wherein the winners and participating teams of Ncell App Cam can place their apps for distribution in the Nepali market. He shared details on process to have the apps on Ncell App Sansar.

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