Ncell Saapati

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When your balance is Rs. 5 or runs below Rs. 5 and you need to finish that conversation or want to keep on surfing data but can’t immediately recharge, take Ncell Saapati by dialing *9988#.

This service is available for all prepaid customers having their SIM card of 30 days or older. The received Saapati amount is added to the main balance and allows the customer to make calls to any network, send SMS and use data as well as other services.

When you recharge your balance next time, the Saapati amount along with service charge will be deducted from the new balance. If the recharged balance is less than the Saapati amount, the entire balance will be deducted and the remaining amount and service charge will be deducted in the next recharge. If you haven’t recharged after taking Saapati, you will still be able to take incoming services but will not be able to take another Saapati until the previous one is cleared.

Enjoy Ncell Saapati anytime, any day and anywhere and as many times as you want, provided the previous Saapati is cleared.

Available Saapati services:

Saapati Saapati value Service fee (Incl. tax) What you get in Saapati? Validity How to get?
Balance Saapati Rs. 40 Rs. 2.48 Rs. 40 Main Balance - *9988*1# or Type A and send SMS to 9988
Data Saapati Rs. 47 Rs. 2.48 1 GB Data 3 Days *9988*2#
Voice Saapati Rs. 47 Rs. 2.48 90 Mins All-network Talktime 3 Days *9988*3#

Dial *9988# to take Saapati!