Balance Transfer

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What is Ncell Balance Transfer?
Now Ncell Prepaid users can send and receive balance anytime, anywhere from their mobile to their friend's or family’s Ncell numbers.

How to utilize this service?
To transfer balance, dial *17122*98XXXXXXXX*Amount#.
For example, to transfer Rs. 10, dial *17122*98XXXXXXXX*10#

What is the minimum amount that I can transfer?
You can transfer minimum Rs. 10 at a time and up to 3times in a day.

What is the maximum amount that I can transfer?
You can transfer maximum Rs. 200 at a time and up to 3 times in a day.

Is there any service fee to transfer balance?
Re. 1 (excluding taxes) per transfer will be applicable as service fee.

Can I transfer balance to all Ncell users' numbers?
You can transfer balance from Prepaid to Prepaid numbers only.

How can I utilize the transferred amount?
The transferred amount can be utilized for making calls, sending SMS and surfing internet.

(Government taxes include: 10% Telecommunication Service Charge, 2% Ownership tax and 13% VAT)