Ncell Roaming

Now be in touch with your friends and family when away from home with Ncell Roaming Service. Roaming service will allow your friends and family to get in touch with you in your same mobile number even when you are travelling out of country.

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We are constantly increasing our networks worldwide for you to stay connected with your friends, family and business.

Roaming FAQs

How can I activate roaming services?  
From 4th March, Roaming service activation is required only for India. Anyone traveling to India needs prior roaming activation. For other countries, roaming service will be offered by default.

•     Via Ncell App: Go to Roaming tab and activate.

•     Via USSD: Dial *17129*1# and follow instruction.

•     Via E-sewa: Go to Top UP , Ncell, Roaming and activate.

Is there a fee associated with activating roaming service?
Roaming Activation is free of cost.

Do I need to activate roaming service to make voice calls, send SMS, and use data while roaming?
Activation of the roaming service is a must to access any PAYG service or roaming packs in India.

What are the services available in roaming?
•     Voice and SMS can be used via pay per use and by purchasing packs.

•     Data can be used upon activation of data packs only.

How can I activate roaming packs?
•     Packs can be activated via Ncell App, website and E-sewa.

•     Dial *17129# and follow instruction.

What do I need to do before travelling abroad?
Please follow the below steps before travelling abroad:

•     Activate the roaming service. (If you are travelling to India)

•     Purchase data packs. Not necessary to buy voice and SMS pack.

•     Make the data roaming on

•     APN: WEB (only for Android)

•     Have enough balance.

How can I make calls while roaming?
You can make calls in different numbers as mentioned below.

Ncell numbers +977 980/981 XXXXXXX
Other Local Networks +977 98X XXXXXXX
International Number +Country code Mobile network or City code Number

How can I register in operator networks/change networks?
•     Switch off - on your handset for a while after landing

•     If the mobile is not connected automatically to the network, try manually in handset setting.

Why am I not able to use the data service although I have activated roaming?
•     Purchase data packs

•     Make the Data roaming On in your handset

•     Set Access Point (APN) as “web” (only for Android)

•     Check balance

How can I troubleshoot in case of any issue in roaming?
•     Email us on

•     Go to Ncell page on facebook and type “Agent” in messenger and put your complaints.

•     Register your issue through Ncell App

•     Chat Support (messenger, viber, whats app, Telegram)

•     Dial customer care number +9779809005000