Daily Unlimited Data Roaming Pack

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Now you can enjoy our unlimited data roaming service starting from Rs. 126.79 per day (including tax). You just need to activate the daily unlimited data roaming pack and get the benefit of accessing unlimited internet.

To activate the pack dial *17129*2# and follow the instruction. Activation is free of charge i.e. you won’t be charged for the activation of this pack. You will be charged on first data usage and charging for other usage will be free until midnight (based on Nepal Standard Time). This cycle continues until you are in roaming. Validity of the pack is 15 days. Pack will be deactivated after 15 days automatically and you need to activate again if required.

You can activate the pack before roaming or even when you are in roaming. If you forget to activate the pack before roaming, then you can activate it from the country where you are travelling.

Given below are the list of applicable countries along with the pack fee.

Daily Unlimited Data Roaming at Rs. 126.79 (including tax)

Bangladesh Indonesia Singapore
Cambodia Malaysia Sri Lanka
India Qatar USA

Daily Unlimited Data Roaming at Rs. 560.39 (including tax)

Australia Finland Italy Norway Spain
Austria France Japan Pakistan South Korea
Canada Germany Latvia Philippines Sweden
China Greece Lithuania Poland Thailand
Croatia Hong Kong Malta Portugal Turkey
Czech Republic Hungary Myanmar Romania UAE
Denmark Netherlands Serbia UK Estonia
Ireland New Zealand Slovakia  

Daily Unlimited Data Roaming at Rs. 1,120.79 (including tax)

Albania Ghana Oman
Argentina Israel South Africa
Azerbaijan Jersey Taiwan
Belarus Kazakhstan Tajikistan
Georgia Moldova Uzbekistan

Note: Roaming service must be activated prior leaving to Nepal for Bangladesh, China and India.

Data Roaming will not work in below cases:

  1. If data pack is not activated
  2. In those countries which are not in the above-mentioned list
  3. If data roaming is not enabled in your handset
  4. If Access Point Name (APN) is not set as “web” in handset (only for Android handset)

So, please make sure that above stated tips to use the data roaming

Bon Voyage!