Viber Bonus Data Packs

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Now get Viber Messaging data as a bonus on different data packs at best rate.

Viber Messaging Data on Triple Majja Pack

Validity Volume Viber Messaging Data Price  
7 days 2GB All time data + 1 GB/day for Facebook, TikTok and YouTube 500 MB Rs. 147 Buy Now

Viber Messaging Data on Non-stop YouTube

Pack/ Validity All-time data YouTube Data Viber Messaging Data Price  
Mero Plan Weekly/ 7 days 1GB Non-stop 500 MB Rs. 127  
Non-stop YouTube/ 7 days 2GB Non-stop 500 MB Rs. 147 Buy Now

Viber Messaging Data on other Packs

Validity Volume Viber Messaging Data Price  
7 days 1.5 GB 150 MB Rs. 98 Buy Now
14 days 2 GB 300 MB Rs. 139 Buy Now
30 days 3.5 GB 0.5 GB Rs. 249 Buy Now
30 days 6 GB 1 GB Rs. 399 Buy Now
30 days 10 GB 2 GB Rs. 499 Buy Now

Viber Messaging Data on SMS Pack

Now fulfill all your messaging need with one single pack.

Validity Volume (SMS + Viber Messaging) Price  
30 days 200 SMS (Ncell to any network) + 250 MB Rs. 55 Buy Now
30 days 1000 SMS (Ncell to Ncell) + 250 MB Rs. 45 Buy Now

Can I make a call on Viber with the Viber Rich Messaging Data bonus?
No, with the bonus Viber Rich Messaging data you can only send messages using the Viber application only.

Can I make video call with Bonus Viber Rich Message Data?
No, one can only share emojis and any message contents through Viber Rich messaging Pack.

What will happen if I buy a pack and make a Video/call on Viber?
Since, Viber Rich messaging pack is only applicable for messaging purpose your data volume will be consumed from other data resources or in case if you don’t have a data pack, data will run under standard PAYG rate of Re.1 per MB.

How can I deactivate the product?
Once the data pack is activated you will not be able to deactivate the product.