Ncell Saathi

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Want to earn extra income? Ncell Saathi is here for you!

To become Ncell Saathi:

  1. Download the Ncell Saathi App
  2. Register your details
  3. Upon completion of your registration, start selling an array of Ncell’s services and increase your income

If you also want to sell SIM Card, get a Master SIM from your nearest distributor.

You do not have to go to anywhere at any point of an application. The distributor will send your application to Ncell for final approval, after which you will become the official partner of Ncell. After becoming an official Ncell Saathi, the distributor will make a wallet for you. Ncell Saathi will receive up to 2.5% sales commission on every recharge, data and pack sale. You can also sell SIM card but for this, you will have to get a Master SIM to register the SIM card you sell.

What is Ncell Saathi?
Ncell Saathi is an app-based service where you can sell services of Ncell to other people and earn money from commissions.

How can I register to be “Ncell Saathi”?
You must fill out the KYC form. SIM card must be registered in your name. Customers can dial *9966# to find out on whose name the SIM card is registered.
Once the registration process is complete, the details will be sent to distributor for further approval.

Can I register my current Ncell number as “Ncell Saathi”?
Yes, you can. Any prepaid Ncell number can be registered as "Ncell Saathi".

What happens to my existing balance?
The existing balance of your mobile remains the same.

What happens to my existing tariff plans?
There will be no change in your tariff plans. For example, if you have subscribed to Happy Data Tariff, it will remain unaffected.

How do I choose a distributor?
Your distributor will be selected by Ncell depending on the district and geographic location you provided in the KYC form.

Can I use the balance in "Ncell Saathi" to make phone calls or purchase data?
You cannot use the balance in "Ncell Saathi" for personal phone calls or purchasing any kind of packs. The balance in it is only for selling packages and for e-recharge.