Ncell Loyalty Offer

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Earn Loyalty Points and get exciting benefits!

Welcome to Ncell Loyalty Offer. Each eligible customer can enroll into this offer by dialing 17133 or *17133#

What are the loyalty benefits?

  1. The offer has been launched to appreciate the loyalty of our high value customers.
  2. Upon successful enrollment, customers can earn 1 Loyalty Point per Re. 1 spending.
  3. The collected Loyalty Points can be used to redeem Loyalty Offers.
  4. Loyalty Offers include Ncell data packs and voice packs. Different discount offers from other service providers will be added later.

Who are eligible for Loyalty Offer?
Prepaid customers who have spent at least Rs 350 per month for last 6 months are eligible for Loyalty offer. Message has been sent to each eligible customer with information to enroll into loyalty offer.

How is Tier Levels determined?
As soon as you opt into Loyalty program, you will receive welcome bonus points and your default tier level will be “Silver.” You can upgrade to higher tier levels with increase in total earned points.

Total earned Loyalty Points Tier Level
1 to 5000 Silver
5000 to 15000 Gold
More than 15000 Platinum

Higher the tier level, better will be the Loyalty Offers that can be redeemed.

Points Silver Gold Platinum Validity
500 200 MB +20 mins 300 MB + 30 mins 400 MB + 40 mins 3 days
1000 500 MB + 50 mins 700 MB + 70 mins 900 MB + 90 mins 3 days
2000 1 GB + 100 mins 1.4 GB + 140 mins 1.6 GB + 160 mins 7 days
3000 2 GB + 200 mins 2.5 GB +250 mins 2.8 GB + 280 mins 7 days
4000 3 GB + 300 mins 3.6 GB +360 mins 4 GB + 400 mins 7 days
5000 5 GB + 500 mins 6 GB +600 mins 7 GB + 700 mins 7 days

How to check the Loyalty Balance and redeem offers?

  1. Dial *17133#
  2. Press 2 to redeem Loyalty Offers
  3. Press 3 to check Loyalty Balance

Keep talking with your dear ones and earn points to enjoy a variety of offers.

If I am not eligible for Loyalty offer now, does that mean I can never be part of it?
No, keep using Ncell services and whenever, the eligibility criteria are met in any month, you can enroll into the Loyalty offer from that month.

Is there any new additions to the offers?
Yes, the loyalty enrolled customers can now get 25% discount on drinks in any Himalayan JAVA outlets. To claim the discount, you should order atleast 2 cups of drink. The discount is applicable on the price of one cup of drink which is the least on cost. To claim the eligibility, please show your loyalty card in Ncell App or your loyalty points balance via *17133#.

Earn Loyalty Points and get exciting benefits!

To enroll, dial *17133# OR 17133!