iPhone VoLTE and eSIM

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Unleash the full potential of your iPhone!

Now, enjoy new technology eSIM and VoLTE service on iPhones. 

eSIM Service:
Upgrade to Ncell eSIM for free and get 2GB 4G data valid for 7 days. Offer valid for limited duration. 

Who are eligible for the offer?
Users of iPhone XS series and above who have bought the iPhones from authorized iPhone outlets of Nepal are eligible for the offer.

What is the data offer?

    - 2GB data offer for 7 days.
    - The data can be used only on 4G network.

How do I upgrade to Ncell eSIM?

    - Existing Ncell users- Type Citizenship number, Email ID and send SMS to 17125. (SMS is free). SIM will be upgraded to eSIM post verification.
    - Non Ncell users- Visit nearest Ncell Centre and choose desired tariff plan on eSIM.

How much does upgrading to eSIM cost?
Upgrading your current SIM to eSIM is free of cost.

If I have not purchased the iPhone from authorized channel, will I get the data?
You won’t be eligible for free data, however eSIM upgrade will be free.

VoLTE Offer:
Upgrade to Ncell VoLTE for free and get 100 minutes of Ncell VoLTE talktime for free. Offer valid for limited duration. 

How can I use VoLTE on my iPhone?
Below are requirements for using VoLTE service:
   - Eligible iPhones - iPhone 8 series and above.
   - Ncell 4G SIM.
   - Upgrade to latest software in your handset.
   -  Activate Ncell VoLTE service by dialing the code *17201#

How do I know if I am eligible to use Ncell VoLTE?
Please dial *17201# for checking if your device supports VoLTE.

What is the bundle voice offer?
100 Minutes VoLTE talktime valid for 28 days.

What is the cost of upgrading to Ncell VoLTE?
Upgrading to Ncell VoLTE is free of cost.