Festive Recharge Offer

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This festive season, an exciting recharge offer to delight and spread happiness. Within this offer, you can get surprise bonus on every recharge of Rs. 50 and above. The surprise bonuses comprise of various cashback and data offers.

How much should I recharge to get the bonus?
You must recharge Rs. 50and above to get the surprise bonus on recharge.

What will I get if I recharge Rs.50?
You will receive a surprise bonus which can be either cashback or data.

Will I get bonuson every recharge or its one time?
You will get bonus on every recharge till the offer validity.

What if I recharge Rs.100 twice in a same day, will I get same bonus?
On every recharge, you will get either cashback or data bonus but the bonus you will get can be different as bonus is provided on a random basis.

Can I use data bonus in 4G network?
Yes, you can use bonus data on 4G or all other network options. Its all-time and all network data bonus.

How can I use my bonus balance?
Bonus balance received on recharge offer can be used within Ncell network in PAYG conditions only.

How long with this offer be valid for?
This offer will be valid from October 8, 2021 to January 5, 2022.