Double Majja Pack

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Get double data on every repurchase made within validity.

Price Product Name Data Volume Validity  
150 Double Majja Pack 5GB 7 days Buy Now
200 Double Majja Pack 8GB 7 days Buy Now
888 Double Majja Pack 88GB 28 days Buy Now

How can I get double data?

  1. First you must purchase any Double Majja Pack
  2. Then again, if you purchase same pack within the validity period you will get double data

Will I get double data if I repurchase Double Majja Pack multiple times within validity period?
You will get double data on every repurchase made within validity period..

Will my volume accumulate if I have earlier volume remaining?
Volume will accumulate unlimitedly with every repurchase, so to get more benefits purchase pack as many times as you want.

What will happen to my validity then?

  1. Your validity will also accumulate upto 28 days maximum for 7 days Double Majja Pack.
  2. Your validity will also accumulate upto 60 days maximum for 28 days Double Majja pack.

Is the Double Majja Pack available for all customers?
Yes, all Prepaid and Postpaid plan customer can enjoy Double Majja Pack as per their need.

Can I use all kinds of mobile application with the pack?
Yes, one can browse any mobile application as per their need after purchasing the product.

Do I need to have 4G sim to use the Double Majja Pack?
We highly recommend our consumers to switch to 4G sim for better browsing experience however, 3G sim users can also enjoy the Double Majja Pack as per their need.

Is the Double Majjako data pack a renewal pack? Do I have to activate the product after or before the pack expires to get Double benefit?
Double Majjako Packs are non-renewal pack. However, one must buy the pack before product expires to enjoy the double benefit.

What if I buy the Double Majja ko pack after expiry?
If you purchase the Double Majjako pack after the pack expires, you will not receive double benefit after expiry. Therefore, to extend the resource validity and enjoy Double benefit we recommend our customers to buy the pack before expiry.

Where can I buy the pack?
You can purchase the pack by following ways:

  1. From USSD by dialing *17123#
  2. From Ncell app
  3. Simply, by clicking 'Buy Now' button above