Data Sangai Beema

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Data Sangai Beema is data pack where customer gets 100MB data valid for 3 days and hospitalization insurance of Rs. 1,000 per night upto Rs. 10,000 valid for 30 days for just Rs. 30.

Pack Data Volume Data Validity Hospitalization Insurance Insurance Validity
Data Sangai Beema 100 MB 3 days Rs. 1,000 per night i.e., a total of Rs. 10,000 for 10 nights 30 days from the date of pack purchase

As the insurance is provided by Himalayan General Insurance, all claims and processes have to be done via the insurance company itself.

1. How can I buy Data sangai Beema data pack?
You can buy the pack by one of the following ways :

  1. Dial *17110# and follow the instruction to buy the pack
  2. Dial *17123# and follow the instruction to buy the pack
  3. Via Ncell App. You can download Ncell App from here

2. Who is the Insurance partner for Ncell?
Himalayan General Insurance is the insurance partner for Ncelland will take care of all the queries and claim settlement related to Insurance.

3. Are there any Terms & Condition for Insurance?
Please find the Terms and Conditions related to insurance here

4. Can I buy multiple packs at once?
No, you can buy only 1 pack in any given month. The data pack has to be purchased again once the 30 days validity of the insurance pack expires.

5. Will the pack be renewed every month?
No, the pack is valid for 1 month from the date of purchase and won’t be renewed after expiry.

6. How do I enroll for the insurance policy?
After purchasing the data pack, you will receive SMS from Himalayan General Insurance with a link to fill in the personal details for the insurance. You will have to fill in the form to enroll for the insurance.

7. What happens if I haven’t filled the form related to the Insurance?
The claim will be rejected by Himalayan General Insurance if you have not filled in the required personal details after purchasing the pack.

8. Can I claim for insurance for Doctor’s consultation?
No, the insurance is applicable only in case of Hospitalization for min 1 night and maximum upto 10 nights.

9. What is covered under the policy?
If an insured person shall require hospitalization, Himalayan General Insurance will pay to the insured the amount Rs 1000 per day maximum up to Rs 10,000 in aggregate for hospitalization as specified in the schedule.

10. Is the hospitalization due to pregnancy covered?
No, pregnancy is not covered.

11. How long is the policy waiting period for the same?
No waiting period except in case of hospitalization due to COVID-19 in which 15 days waiting period from the enrollment date.

12. Does this policy cover hospitalization worldwide?
No, within Nepal only.

13. Which hospitals are eligible for the claim procedure?
Hospital registered under Nepal Government are eligible for the claim.

14. What to do when I am hospitalized?
Inform to insurance company within 7 days (at the earliest possible) of hospitalizationwith reason for hospitalization, date of admission and name of hospital in email or phone to call center.

15. What documents I have to submit for claim process?
Inform and register your claim by calling HGI call center within 7 days @ 9801575858 (Toll Free) or 9801969214/9801969215/9801969216

  1. Fill-up claim form on phone by calling HGI call center.
  2. Discharge summary, discharge invoice and personal ID documents.

16. Where do I have to submit claim documents?

  1. Call in HGI Call Center and submit your documents digitally, OR
  2. Submit to the nearest HGI branch.

17. Is there any time limit to submit the claim documents?
Yes, within 60 days of hospitalization date (occurrence date).

18. Do I need to submit all the original documents for claim process?
No, you digital submit your hospital discharge summary, discharge invoice and personal ID document.

19. When will my claim be settled?
Within 14 days after the complete claim documents are received by HGI call center.

20. How will I get the claim amount?
You can get it through cheque or transfer to your bank account.

21. My expense is too high but why I get very less reimbursement amount?
This is limited cover policy which is Rs 1000 per day hospitalization maximum up to Rs. 10,000 in aggregate.

22. Can I have the details of reimbursement amount?
Yes, the details of the reimbursement amount will be shared to the claimant.

23. Why my claim was rejected?
Normally the claim gets rejected when the incident is excluded in policy terms and condition. However, for specific reasons, please call HGI call center and quote the claims reference number you got through the SMS and they will help you.