Wire-free Plus

Rs. 999.00

What is Ncell's Wirefree+?
Wirefree+ is a new wireless fixed service that can be used to operate Wi-Fi like a fiber service on the ground. This facility can be easily accessed by placing the SIM card in the router.

How long will it take to set up this service of Ncell?
Ncell's fixed Wirefree+ is an easy service, so it can be operated immediately after activating the SIM card. Kindly mention the location where you stay, we will take further details about the location, then we will visit your location and install the system after which you will be able to access the Internet easily.

Other Internet service providers are not providing services, can I take a fixed Wirefree+ Internet service?
Yes, we don't use the same Fiber, copper and cable internet as other operators are currently providing. The technology we use is different with a large coverage area, because of which we can also provide our services at places that other operators don't provide.

What's the difference between Ncell’s Wirefree+ Internet and other cable internets?
Based on the number of users on the network, the quality of the cable internet is determined and as the number of users increases the speed of the internet continues to decrease, but since we provide dedicated connection, we can provide our customers with the guarantee.

Is this Wirefree+ service like a Wi-Fi service?
The fixed Wirefree+ service is not like the Wi-Fi service. As we use a different dedicated spectrum our wireless Internet network is a reliable service.

How far does its signal reach?
The router’s signal reach depends on where the router is located. If there is no blockage created in normal circumstances, its signal can reach a maximum of 100 meters.

What tools do I need for this?
There is no need for many tools for Wirefree+ service. Ncell provides the necessary Kits during installation. The Kit consists of router, power adapter, antenna. All you have to do is provide an electrical connection point for it.

Is the Wirefree+ connection secure?
The technologies we have chosen to use in our network are in line with the highest quality standards and are extremely secure. In addition, software encryptions are used in all data transfers. You can be assured that your data on our Wirefree+ Internet is as secure on our Internet as it is on other media. No matter who you get your internet from, it is advisable to use antivirus software and follow the recommended security settings for all your devices. We work to make your wireless connection faster and more dependable. Our network folly complies with global security standards and gives you the confidence of the best internet.

Is there PAYG facility available for this service?
No, PAYG facility is not available for this service.

If I am a customer who moves from one place to another, can I use the same service when I go to different places?
No, Wirefree + is a fixed service.

How much does it cost to get Wirefree+ internet service?
We provide a variety of services to suit your needs and your budget. Pricing also varies depending on the services you choose. Currently, there are below products available under this scheme, namely, Wirefree+ Max Premium. The details are as follows: 
Wirefree+MaxPremium Monthly Quarterly Half Yearly
Price (with tax) 999 2997 5994
One time charge 1500 - -
Total activation charge 2499 2997 5994
Total data (GB) 250 250 250
Data 100 100 100
Throttled volume (GB) 150 150 150
Throttled speed (Mbps) 2 2 2
Throttle speed @ 512Kbps Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Free SIM 1 1 1
Voice minutes (All local networks) 100 100 100
Data (GB) 5 5 5

How can I get new plan if I am existing customer?
You can visit nearest Ncell Centre and change plan to Wirefree +Max Premium by paying rental amount Rs.999.

How many months subscription do I get in Half Yearly Plan?
You will get 6 months plan in Half Yearly plan.

Do I have to pay one time charge in Half Yearly plan?
No, One charge Rs. 1500 is in monthly plan only.

How does carry forward works?
In case of Half Yearly plan, unused data in throttling speed will be carry over to next month up to next 5 months. The unused throttling speed data will be accumulated in every next rental cycle.

Which data volume will be used at first?
At first, 100GB will be used in full speed. After 100GB is over, throttled volume will run at the speed of 2 Mbps. After 150 GB is over, you will get unlimited data till end of the month at the speed of 512 Kbps. What are the conditions for Rental Failure for the upcoming cycle? In case the customer has paid the rental fee, customer receives the above resources. And in case of non-payment of the rental fee, the situation of rental failure is created.

Do I get additional SIM with above SIM?
Yes, you will get one Free SIM with above plans.

What are the resources I get in Free SIM?
You will get 100 minutes all-net voice and 5GB data at the time of activation. In order to get every month, the same resources, parent number should be rental active.

What is the Payment/Top Up Options?
Please follow below process to recharge or payment:
  1. Payment using Online Portal like e-Sewa, Khalti, online banking etc.
  2. Payment Using POS – VFT
  3. Payment using Recharge card.
  4. Ncell App

How to check the remaining Data of my Wirefree+ SIM?
We have USSD & SMS Balance Query for Wirefree + customers: SMS Text: BQ or Balance or Balance Query or Query (caps or small does not matter) msisdn and send to 9008. USSD: *9008# Customers can also call the call center number: 9008
Now wirefree+ resources and balance can be checked using any Ncell number. The only condition is that the querying number and Wirefree+ number should be registered under the same customer name. Step 1: Dial *9008# from the Ncell number Step 2: Enter your Wirefree (Parent) number

What are the details of the Add On data packs?
To purchase add on customer can visit nearest POS or Ncell Centre or can purchase it through Ncell App.
Product Validity Price with taxes
Home 10GB_Weekly 7 days 296.68
Home 15GB_Weekly 7 days 408.25
Home 20GB_Half_Monthly 15 days 518.55
Home 30GB_Half_Monthly 15 days 703.66

Troubleshooting FAQ:
1) Why is my internet not working?

  1. Check whether the Wi-Fi router is switched on. If you are using a secondary router for Wi-Fi, check to see if it is powered on.
  2. Check whether “Signal indicator” on the Fiber Router is glowing red. The RED Signal light indicates some ongoing network problem.
- Try restarting the router.
- Check all the lights in the router Please contact Ncell Support [9008], if the Wi-Fi indicator is still glowing red.

2) Why is my internet connection so slow?
There are many factors that affect the internet connection speed through Wi-Fi.
- Check whether your computer/smartphone connected to the router through Wi-Fi is not too far and is inside the Wi-Fi coverage with good signal strength.
- Usually, you experience a slow internet connection through Wi-Fi due to high latency and interference in the wireless network. Recommendations adding a secondary router will increase the Wi-Fi coverage/Signal strength inside premises and decrease the latency while connecting the internet through Wi-Fi. You will experience faster and reliable connection after that. For best internet connection speed, we recommend you use a LAN/Ethernet cable to connect your computer. Using ethernet cable is best recommended for gaming and live streaming.

3) What happens if something goes wrong?
After installation, we will not leave you on your own. Even though fixed Wirefree+ internet is relatively low maintenance and upkeep-free, sometimes issues might occur. Rest assured that you can call us with any of your issues, and we will support you remotely or if required, our Support team will visit in person to provide solutions.

4) Is there any portal using which I can control my Wi-Fi?
Yes, there is device vendor portal which can be scanned with QR code.

5) What is the frequency type of the router?
We have router which support 2.4 GHz frequency.

6) If I am a travelling customer can I use your router in different locations?
No, it is a fixed service.

7) If my device gets damaged, where can I contact to get it checked? What is the warranty period of your router?
The router has a 1-year warranty. We will have a list of places where it can be replaced free of cost if the software is not working, given that it is still under the warranty period. If the device is physically damaged, then it can be replaced at a certain cost from a nearby Ncell Centre. The documents required for the same are:
- Warranty Card, the device, Citizenship, or any valid document of the respective customer.

8) How can I purchase Ncell WireFree+?
To get to know more about this product and purchase Wirefree+, for Ncell Network users please dial 9008 and for other networks please dial 9809008000 or visit your nearest Ncell Centre.