Wire-free Plus

Rs. 700.00

1) How long will it take to set up service with Ncell?
Ncell Fixed Wirefree+ (HomeNet) is a Plug and Play Service so it connects instantly once the SIM card is installed on  the device. Let us know your location and we will let you know if your location is eligible for the service or not. We will then install the system immediately and you will be good to go.

2) Can I change my internet connection bandwidth?
Yes, you can choose between our two different plans. Please check our website www.ncell.axiata.com/wirefreeplus to know more about the available plans.

3) If bandwidth from other internet service providers is not available in my building, can I still get fixed Wirefree+ (HomeNet) internet service?
Absolutely, Ncell’s technology bypasses all fiber, copper and cable services to the customer so we are not limited by the existing landline infrastructure. Due to our very large coverage area, we can provide service in areas where other providers cannot.

4) What is the difference between Ncells’ Wirefree+ (HomeNet) and cable internet?
Cable Internet’s quality of service depends on the number of users on the network. A cable connection will slow down as the number of users on the network increases. Since we provide a dedicated connection, we can guarantee throughput to our customers (i.e. a consistent speed despite the increase in number of users)

5) Is Fixed Wirefree+ (HomeNet) service the same as Wi-Fi?
No. While our service uses dedicated spectrum allocated to us, the technologies used by our Wirefree+ Internet network  provides higher speed and much more reliable service.

6) Does the weather affect Wirefree+ (HomeNet) internet connections?
While rainfall does somewhat affect Wirefree+ signals, the worst possible case can be signal loss for a short period of time. However, we will engineer your connection to ensure uninterrupted service.

7) How much does Wirefree+ (HomeNet) internet service cost and what are avialable products?
We offer a variety of services to suit your needs and budget. The pricing will vary depending on the services you choose. Currently we have two products under Wirefree+ .(HomeNet Super and HomeNet Max)

Wirefree+ Plan HomeNet Super HomeNet Max
Monthly fee 
Without TAX 537.45 691.01
With TAX 700 900
Included Resource (Wirefree+)
Data Volume (GB) 40 60
Included Resource (Mobile SIM)
No. of SIM 1 1
Voice (On-Net minutes) 200 200
Data (GB)
All Network
5 5
Wirefree+ Router is included in the above plans.

Note: Additional 40 GB and 60 GB data respectively will be provided at 1 Mbps once the main data volume get over.

Please contact our customer care 9008 for further queries.

8) How far does the signal reach?
Signal reach is dependent upon the environment where the router is located. In an ideal situation, if there are no obstructions, the signal can reach up to 100 meters.

9) What equipment do I need?
Fixed Wirefree+ internet does not require much equipment and accessories. We will provide all the necessary KIT for the installation including Router, Power Adapter, and Antenna. You just need to provide electricity connection point.

10) Are Wirefree+ (HomeNet) internet connections secure?
The technologies we have chosen to use in our network rely on industry standard encryption protocols and are highly secure. In addition to this, software encryption is deployed on all data transfers. Furthermore, typical Wi-Fi and consumer grade wireless Internet equipment is not capable of intercepting or receiving our signals.

You can be rest assured that your data is as safe on our fixed Wirefree+ HomeNet internet as it is on other mediums. No matter who you get your internet from, it is always a good idea to use anti-virus software and follow the recommended security settings for all your devices. We are dedicated towards  keeping your Wirefree+ HomeNet connection to our fiber optic backbone fast and reliable. Our network complies with the highest level of global security standards and we can assure you that we will provide you with the best quality clean internet.

11) What are the Payment/Top Up Options?
Following process to recharge or payment

  1. Payment using Online Portal like e-Sewa, Khalti, online banking etc.
  2. Payment Using POS – VFT
  3. Payment using Recharge card

Option (Using Ncell SIM)

       Dial *902*PIN No*Mobile No.#

Option 2 (Using Ncell Portal)

       Using Ncell Website (https://www.ncell.axiata.com/en/individual/recharge)

Customer care number 9008 



1) Why is my internet not working?

  1. Check whether the Wi-Fi router is switched on. If you are using a secondary router for Wi-Fi, check to see if it is powered on.
  2. Check whether “Signal indicator” on the Fiber Router is glowing red. The RED Signal light indicates some ongoing network problem.
  3. Try restarting the router.
  4. Check all the lights in the router
  5. Please contact Ncell Support [9008], if the Wi-Fi indicator is still glowing red.

2) Why is my internet connection so slow?
Internet Connection through Wi-Fi: There are many factors that affect the internet connection speed through Wi-Fi.

  1. Check whether your computer/smartphone connected to the router through Wi-Fi is not too far and is inside the Wi-Fi coverage with good signal strength.
  2. Usually you experience a slow internet connection through Wi-Fi due to high latency and interference in the wireless network.


  1. Adding a secondary router will increase the Wi-Fi coverage/Signal strength inside premises and decrease the latency while connecting the internet through Wi-Fi. You will experience faster and reliable connection after that.
  2. For best internet connection speed, we recommend you use a LAN/Ethernet cable to connect your computer. Using ethernet cable is best recommended for gaming and live streaming.

3) What happens if something goes wrong?
After installation, we will not leave you on your own. Even though fixed Wirefree+ (HomeNet) internet is relatively low maintenance and upkeep-free, sometimes issues might occur. Rest assured that you can call us with any of your issues, and we will support you remotely or if required, our Support team will visit in person to provide solutions.

4) Is there any portal using which I can control my Wi-Fi?
Yes, there is device vendor portal which can be scanned with QR code.

5) What is the frequency type of the router? 2.5 mhz or 5 mhz? 

6) Can I subscribe to package once allocated resources are consumed? 

7) How can I top up? 
Any kind of top up channel or top up SIM can be used.

8) Is PayG available in this product?

9) If I am a travelling customer can I use your router in different locations? 
No, it is a fixed service.

10) If my device gets damaged, where can I contact to get it checked? What is the warranty period of your router?
The router has a 1-year warranty. We will have a list of places where it can be replaced free of cost if the software is not working, given that it is still under the warranty period. If the device is physically damaged, then it can be replaced at a certain cost from a nearby Ncell Centre. 

The documents required for the same are: Warranty Card, the device, Citizenship or any valid document of the respective customer.