Ultra Wi-Fi SIM+

Rs. 749.00

What is Ultra Wi-Fi SIM+?
Ultra Wi-Fi SIM+ is a service by Ncell that can be used at home, office, and small or medium-scale businesses. Ultra Wi-Fi SIM+ connects with the nearby Ncell Tower. If not, provide service via location Wi-Fi.

What is the coverage area of this service?
This service is available on all Ncell 4G Coverage areas.

How long does it take to use this service?
Ncell Ultra Wi-Fi SIM Card connects as soon as you insert it into your mobile set. Once the SIM is online, it will be connected to the nearest 4G site, and that 4G site will be fixed as the home location.

Can I use Ultra Wi-Fi SIM + if there are no other internet services from internet service providers?
Yes, you can. Due to our significant coverage area advantage, if you have Ncell 4G coverage in your area, we can provide services that otherwise can't by other service providers.

What device do I need for Ultra Wi-Fi SIM + service?
For this service, you need devices such as a 4G mobile phone, router, or data card that supports 4G.

Will I get any devices on the purchase of this plan?
You will only get a SIM Card on the purchase of this plan.

Can I change my current SIM Card to Ultra Wi-Fi SIM +?
For this service, you will especially need to purchase Ultra Wi-Fi SIM +.

Do I have to pay any subscription fee?
You do not have to pay any subscription fee.

Can I call and SMS via Ultra Wi-Fi SIM+?
With Ultra Wi-Fi SIM+, you can use the internet and other telephony services.

What to do after the Data of this plan expires?
You can buy Data Packs by dialing *17123# or via the Ncell app.

What is the rate of Ultra Wi-Fi SIM + and what are the available packs?

Ultra Wi-Fi SIM + Monthly
Rate (Including TAX) Rs. 749
Total data (GB) 120
(6 AM to 6PM) (GB) 60
Voice (All Local Network) 100
Away Data (GB) 5


Note: Away Data can be used anywhere besides the home location. When your Home Data expires, you can use Away Data in your Home Location too.


How does this plan work?
Once the plan is activated, your Home Location will be linked to nearby 10 Ncell towers. You can use Home Mobile Data (120 GB). Additionally, besides your home location, you can use 5GB Away Data in other locations too.

What's the validity period of this plan?
It's a monthly plan having a 28-day validity period.

What will happen if my 6 am-6 pm Data ends? Will 6 am-6 pm Data be used, or will it work at 512kbps speed?
If the 6 am-6 pm Data is exhausted, other data will be used if available. Otherwise, it will be throttled to 512kbps.

For detailed information, please contact:

Ncell network: 9008

Other networks: 98090080000