Ultra Wi-Fi SIM+

Rs. 500.00

1) How long will it take to set up service with Ncell?
Ncell HomeNet Ultra Wi-Fi is a Plug and Play service, so it connects instantly once the SIM card is inserted into Handset. The only caution here is to insert the SIM in the location where customer wants Internet connection. This is because as soon as SIM is inserted, it will be latched with the nearby 4G sites and will be fixed for that location(s) under that 4G site.

2) Can I change my internet connection bandwidth?
At present, we are offering only one Plan.

3) If bandwidth from other internet service providers is not available in my building, can I still get HomeNet Ultra Wi-Fi internet service?
Absolutely, our technology bypasses all fiber, copper and cable services to the customer so we are not limited by existing landline infrastructure. Due to our very large coverage area, we can provide service where other providers cannot if Ncell has 4G coverage in your area.

4) Is HomeNet Ultra Wi-Fi service the same as Wi-Fi?
Yes, both are similar but Ncell uses dedicated spectrum (Paid) allocated to us, so our HomeNet Ultra Wi-Fi service is much more reliable compared to normal Wi-Fi.

5) How far does the signal reach?
It depends upon the handset’s feature and functions.

6) What equipment do I need?
HomeNet Ultra Wi-Fi requires 4G enabled device i.e. Handset, Router, Data card, and etc.

7) Will I get any Equipment/Device?
No, you will be provided with a SIM card.

8) Can I change the existing user SIM card into HomeNet Ultra Wi-Fi SIM?
No, you need to get the HomeNet Ultra Wi-Fi SIM.

9) Do I need to pay any subscription Fee?

10) Can I make Calls/SMS from the HomeNet Ultra Wi-Fi SIM ?
No, HomeNet Ultra Wi-FiSIM can be used only for connection.

11) How much does Ultra Wi-Fi SIM+ (HomeNet Ultra) internet service cost and what are the available products?

Ultra Wi-Fi SIM+ HomeNet Ultra
Monthly fee
Without TAX 383.9
With TAX 500
Included Resource (Wirefree+ &WiFiSIM)
Data Volume (GB) 25
Included Resource (Mobile SIM)
No. of SIM 1
Voice (On-Net minutes) 200
Data (GB)
All Network 5

Additional 25 GB data will be provided at 1 Mbps once the main data volume get over.