Sahayatri SIM

Rs. 99.00

What do you get in Sahayatri SIM?

You will get main balance of Rs. 20, 200 MB data valid for 7 days, 20 minutes of on net talk time along with 20 on net SMS valid for 7 days


1st Recharge Offer 

If you recharge Rs.100 within the midnight of next day midnight of SIM activation, then you will get bonus 100 minutes talktime valid within Ncell Network and 100MB data valid for 7 days.

More recharge offer!

On every recharge for 12 months you will receive 10% bonus balance which can be used for PayG services within Ncell network for 7 days. 

Ncell JobShop

You will get FREE Ncell Jobshop for one month. This service will be activated within 1 hour to 1.5 hour of SIM card activation. You will get the notification SMS once FREE JobShop is activated. After one month, you will get 50% discount on monthly Ncell JobShop Plan.  

India Call Rate at local price

You can also call to India at local call rate i.e. just @Rs. 1.99/min (excluding govt. taxes)

International Call Discounted Rate in 8 Countries

You can also get discount in below listed countries from every second minute. In each call, 1st minute will be charged as per the existing rate and from 2nd minutes onwards, you will be charged at a discounted rate as per the below table.

Country Call Rate – 1st minute Call Rate per minute – 2nd minute onwards
UAE Rs. 18 Rs. 15
Malaysia Rs. 6 Rs. 4
Qatar Rs. 20 Rs. 18
Oman Rs. 49 Rs. 25
Bahrain Rs. 15 Rs. 13
Kuwait Rs. 15 Rs 12
South Korea Rs. 6 Rs. 4
Japan Rs. 15 Rs. 8

Above rates are excluding government taxes.


Free Roaming Services

You will also get 15 minutes free roaming services which will valid for 2 years. Roaming free minutes can be used for making calls to Nepal and in respective roaming countries and receiving all incoming calls. Currnelty this resource can be used in India, Qatar, UAE, Malaysia, Kuwait, Oman and South Korea.


Call Aayo Paisa Payo (CAPP) will be activated by default in this number so that you can get the bonus in receiving International calls. 


BEEP Service

You can give missed call to your loved once who is in abroad even if you have low balance. This service is also available by default in this plan. 

Please keep on checking for more and new updates in this plan.