Bizlite Plus Plan

1. What is Bizlite Plus Plan?
Bizlite Plus Plan is an advanced prepaid plan where you don’t have to pay any rental fee. You can use this plan same as the standard prepaid plan in which you can communicate with your colleagues in yourorganization at a low CUG rate.

2. What is the activation price of Bizlite Plus Plan?
You will be charged Rs. 149 (including tax) for Bizlite Prepaid and Rs. 1 (including tax) for MyBiz to activate Bizlite Prepaid Plan. Thus, the total activation price for this plan is Rs. 150 including tax.

3. Is there any rental obligation in Bizlite Plus Plan?

No, there is no rental commitment. It is a prepaid model plan.

4. Is CUG service available in Bizlite Plus Plan?
Yes, CUG service is available in Bizlite Prepaid plan. Pay rate for CUG calling is Rs. 0.29 per minute inclusive of tax.

5. Are there add-on packs for Bizlite Plus Plan?
Bizlite Prepaid can purchase all the available prepaid data packs, biz+ recurring 2GB/4GB/6GB and biz+ Onetime 3GB/5GB packs, and combo packs.

6. What do we get in combo pack?

Name Offer Validity Price without Tax (Rs.) Price with Tax (Rs.)
Combo Silver 100 Local min+ 50 Local sms+ 2GB Data 30 days 153.56 194.69
Combo Gold 200 Local min+ 50 Local sms+ 3GB Data 30 days 230.34 292.04
Combo Platinum 250 Local min+ 50 Local sms+ 5GB Data 30 days 268.73 340.71

7. How can I purchase a combo pack?
To get the combo pack, you can dial *17108# or type combo1/combo2/combo3/ for combo silver/combo gold/ combo platinum respectively and send SMS to 17108 activate the packs.

8. What is the activation resource provided?
Customers will get 700MB all net data and Rs. 35 main balance (use for all services). The valid time of resources is 7 days.

9. Is there any periodic bonus on the plan?
In a period of 30 days, if you do a total recharge of Rs. 200 then you will get 1GB all net data. This 1GB all net data will be valid for 7 days from activation day. Once the accumulated recharge value reaches Rs. 200 (for example Rs. 50 + Rs. 100 + Rs. 50 = Rs. 200), you will get 1GB of all net data which is valid for 7 days. Also, 1GB all net data is all network data.

10. Can I change my existing old plan to this Bizlite Plus plan?
Yes, you can change the existing prepaid plan and Biz internet and standard internet postpaid plan to this Bizlite Plus Plan. However, other Postpaid Plans are not allowed to change in this plan.

11. What is the charge for Pre to Pro?
You will be charged Rs. 100 (including tax). Bizlite Prepaid plan charge Rs. 149 will not be applicable, but the customer will get the resources (500MB data and Rs. 35 balance).

12. Is there any charge for changing the plan from Biz internet/standard internet to Bizlite Plus Plan?
No, there is no charge for plan change from non-rental Postpaid Plan to Bizlite Plus Plan.

13. Can I change this Bizlite Plus Plan into another Postpaid Plan?
Yes, you can change Bizlite Plus plan to monthly/ 30 days Biz+ postpaid plan.

14. How many SIM cards do I need to purchase for this Bizlite Plus Plan?
You need to purchase at least 2 SIM cards from the organization for this plan.

15. Who can buy this Plan?
Any individual who is associated with any organization can buy this plan.

16. What documents are required to get Bizlite Plus Plan?
You need the following documents, if you wish to register the number in your name:

  1. Identification document (citizenship/passport/license/voter Id)
  2. Employee ID OR
  3. Office Letter Head (without stamp) OR
  4. Plain Letter with Office Stamp OR
  5. Appointment letter only
  6. Company registration with individual identification

You need the following documents, if the number is to be registered under company name

  1. Pan or vat
  2. Company registration document
  3. Application letter
  4. Filled corporate subscription form with company stamp

For further information please dial 9007for Ncell users and 9809005000 for other networks.

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