Biz+ Corporate

What resources do we get under Biz+ Monthly packs?

Biz+ Plan 389 649 909 1169 1559 1949
UCUG × × N/A N/A
Business Hour
(6AM to 6PM; Free on-net call and SMS)
Free FnF 2 2 2 2 N/A N/A
Ncell-Ncell Voice (Minutes) 299
Free Free
Ncell-Other Voice (Minutes) 300 500
Data-All Network (Monthly) 4GB 6GB 12GB 15GB 20GB 25GB
Office Pack -365 × × 2.5 GB 2.5 GB 5 GB 5 GB
Ncell-Ncell SMS 299
Free Free
Ncell-Other SMS 300 500
International Call (Minutes) × × × × 10 15

2. What is Business Hour service UCUG?
Business Hour is an added facility for biz+ plans of and above 389 under which you can call and SMS from Ncell to Ncell for free from 6AM to 6PM.

3. What is UCUG?
Unlimited Closed User Group (UCUG) is a supplementary service provided under 909 and 1169 plans wherein customers can make free calls to any member within the CUG group/organization.

4. What is Free FnF service and how can we add FnF numbers?
With New Biz+ plan you can add up to two Ncell numbers as “FnF numbers” where you can call for free. You can dial *17131# and add your FnF number.

5. Can we also get UCUG for plans 389 and 649 plans? If yes, how?
Yes, UCUG is an add on pack for 389 and 649 plans. You can avail the service from Ncell center for the rental of Rs 52.09 including tax. First time activation of UCUG is free.

6.Okay, so what are the activation and monthly rental charges for each plan?

Activation Fee for Biz+ Plan 389 649 909 1169 1559 1949
Plan Price Without Tax 298.67 498.30 697.92 897.55 1196.98 1496.42
TSC +Vat+ OT 90.33 150.70 211.08 271.45 362.01 452.58
Plan Price with Tax 389 649 909 1,169 1,559 1,949
Starter Pack Price 1 1 1 1 1 1
Total Activation Fee 390 650 910 1,170 1,560 1,950

Your monthly rental fee will be Rs. 1 lesser than activation fee since row 4 (Starter Pack Price) is not applicable for monthly rentals. You will have to recharge accordingly to maintain the balance.

7. What will the pay-as-you-go (PAYG) rate be for Biz+ plan if my included resources under my plan are over?
Following PAYG rates inclusive of taxes as provided in the below table will be applicable if you have paid the monthly rental of your plan

Payg Rate if Rental Paid 389 649 909 1169 1559 1949
On-Net Call 0.65 0.65 0.39 0.39 NA NA
Off-Net Call 0.91 0.91 0.91 0.91 0.78 0.78
On-Net SMS 0.91 0.91 0.39 0.39 NA NA
Off-Net SMS 0.91 0.91 0.91 0.91 0.78 0.78
Data 0.91 0.91 0.5 0.5 0.08 0.08

However, if you fail to pay the monthly rental, standard PAYG rates (inclusive of tax) of Rs. 1.56/minute for voice, Rs. 1.30 per SMS and Rs. 2.6/MB for data will be applicable.

8. What will happen to business hour, CUG and Free FnF if I fail to pay the monthly rental?
You can call or SMS at standard PAYG rates as specified in point 7 on rental fail. You will be charged at standard rate for call and SMS on 1559++ and 1949++ plans as well.

9. How about the validity and plan cycle?
The plans and included resources within each plan have a monthly cycle based on the Nepali calendar.

10. Are the digital services on plans free for the first-time of activation only?
All the included digital services are included resources within respective plans. So, your digital services on plan will be renewed with your monthly renewal every month. For example, on rental of Rs 389 for biz+389 plan, customer will get included free digital service along with resources like voice, data etc. There are no other charges for digital services.

11. Do we have to do anything for activating the digital services?
No, digital services get activated automatically. However, customer must put the credentials (like user name, password) on different digital services as per the user agreement of each services. Customer will get credentials and user instructions through SMS for related digital services.

12. What are the free digital services included in my plans?
Different digital services are bundled under different biz+ plans. Check the table below to understand the digital services included in your biz+ plan.

Biz+ Plan 389 649 909 1169 1559 1949
PRBT Service
TDO Health Service
Mero Lagani
Quick Heal
Prabhu TV
Shemaroo ×

13. What do I do if I do not get the said digital services automatically?
You will get the notification from the respective short code and if you click the link provided in the code then your user service will be activated. You can also check Ncell website and go to respective links to know more about each digital service and its activation.

14. How much do I have to pay for subscribing to digital Service?
No, you do not have to pay any additional fees for digital services. Your monthly rental for the biz+ postpaid plans covers all such costs.

15. How can I activate/deactivate digital service?
Your digital services bundled together with your plan are automatically activated upon the purchase or upgradation of your plan, so you do not have to activate the services yourself. If you want to deactivate all the digital Service you can send “STOP” Keyword in 7724. And if you like to deactivate any specific digital service you need to dial *7724# and follow the steps until you receive a message of deactivation from 7724.

16. What happens to the digital service if I have not paid the rental for my Postpaid Plan?
Your failure to pay the monthly rental of the postpaid plans may lead to deactivation of all of your digital services.

17. Do all the mobile platforms support these digital services?
The digital services on offer run smoothly on Android, Symbian, Java, Bada and Blackberry platforms.

18. Can I use the service from a PC or laptop?
No, the service is designed for mobile devices only

19. Can I download and run the service from Wi-Fi?
Yes, you can download and play service from Wi-Fi for Prabhu TV, Quick Heal, TDO Service, Shemaroo (Mobiplex), Merolagani.

20. Is my current phone capable of using the digital Service Product?
You can browse, run the service of Prabhu TV, Quick Heal, TDO Service, Shemaroo (Mobiplex) and Merolagani from your phone that supports mobile data/WIFI. You may also check your phone compatibility by referring to your phone manual for more detail.

21. Will I be charged separately for downloading and playing content within the portal/APP?
You will be charged for data separately as per your plan for downloading and playing content within the portal/APP. Or you can play and download the content from Wi-Fi also.

22. What should I do if I do not get any or some digital services included in my plan?
Is such a case you will have to call or visit to your nearest Ncell center. Or simply dial 9007 or 9005 to register a complaint.

For more info please dial 9005 (for Ncell users) or 9809005000 (for others)


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