Here for You

18 Grants for 18 Projects

At Ncell our focus remains on connecting with local communities with the underlying theme—Here for You via sustainable projects that create an impact at large. As a responsible Corporate Citizen, we have made a significant contribution in community development programs and have invested over Rs 1.80 billion in numerous social projects with focus on Health, Education and Environment as major focus.

Overview of the project

In line with our vision ‘Leave No One Behind’, we are committed to drive social causes that impact our community and people at large. CSR/Sustainability is ingrained in our DNA and via our initiatives, we aspire to touch lives of people by being a change maker and building a strong emotional connect with every Nepali.

Our Purpose

We aspire to drive social causes to serve our Nepali communities and people at large, reinforcing and renewing our commitment — Here for You.

Project Modality

With an intent to reach and connect with local people of Nepal from all the Provinces, applications from organizations (Not for Profit) is called for implementation of the projects in their community that provide local solutions to local problems. The seed fund for such community projects is Rs. 10 lakh for one project in one community. The project is to be implemented in collaboration with local government in line with the priority areas as detailed below.

Our Focus Areas for Community Projects

Our Primary focus area remains as ensuring access to good health care services at the remotest part of Nepal and access to quality education to all. We are seeking in applications from eligible not for profit companies for impactful projects under below verticals broadly categorized as Primary and Secondary focus areas which is in line with the Industrial Enterprise Regulation, 2019.

Primary Focus Areas:

  • 1. Education: Projects that help to improve the educational outcomes for disadvantaged communities. Proposals can include support for community libraries, literacy programs for children and adults, support for resource centres, inclusive education for people living with disabilities, innovative ways to unlock digital learning, support for STEM education in schools, teacher training etc.

  • 2. Health: Projects that help communities improve health outcomes. Providing medicine and health equipment to community health organizations, running heath awareness programs, health camps and other health related works in marginalized communities.

Secondary Focus Areas

  • 1. Environment: Projects in line with promoting Climate Action drive, supporting towards Net Zero Carbon Emissions, Sustainability campaigns at community level, promoting Going Green in line with SDGs and ESG global frameworks.

  • 2. Disaster Response and Preparedness: Projects that helps to support the disaster preparedness and response at the community level for disasters including Flood, Landslide, Earthquake, Fire, among other disaster situations and solutions to minimize the impact of these disasters at community level.

  • 3. Livelihood Support: Skill development and income generating programs to people with Low income; people from backward areas, village women, disabled peoples, minority groups and marginalized society.

Eligibility Criteria

  • - Only organisations but exclusively not-for-profit can apply for the grant.

  • - Must have a significant experience working in the field of community development projects

  • - Organisations must have and display the leadership, financial management, experience, expertise and capacity to effectively carry out the proposed program activities.

How to Apply

  • - Download the application form or request for the application form by emailing at

  • - The form is to be submitted via email in the email address

  • - Complete the application form by answering all the questions along with full company documents that showcases past experiences and profile of the working team

Should you require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us on 9805554440 or email

Please download the application form here to apply for the community projects.