COVID-19 Awareness Collaboration

In the wake of the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, Ncell Axiata Limited (previously Ncell Pvt. Ltd.) has been collaborating with the Ministry of Health and Population, National Health Education Information Communication Centre (NHEICC), and UNICEF for awareness-raising campaigns as a part of its CSR initiative. Ncell’s commitment to serving the people of Nepal in our collective fight against COVID-19 remains uncompromised.

#StaySafe #CoronaMathiJeet

  1. PSA for COVID-19 awareness
  2. PSA Video for COVID-19 awareness
  3. PSA Jingle for COVID-19 awareness
  4. PSA OBD Call Prompt
  5. PSA Video for hand washing
  6. PSA Video for 2 meter distancing

Ncell extends support to government hospitals with oxygen concentrators

At Ncell, in unprecedented times like these, we are doing what we must to serve our customers whilst taking all preventive measures to provide a safe and healthy environment to customers, partners, and employees. On 21 May, as a part of our continued CSR in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Population, we have handed over the first batch of over 150 portable oxygen concentrators to the government to mitigate the COVID pandemic. These oxygen concentrators will be handed over to district-level hospitals that are facing an acute shortage of life-saving oxygen gas.

Ncell COVID-19 Hotline Service

If you have any query regarding coronavirus disease, call Ncell COVID-19 Hotline Service 9805554500 – open 24X7. Under this CSR initiative of Ncell in collaboration with Dhulikhel Hospital, people staying in home isolation across the country also get daily free teleconsultation on their health issues.