With internet having become a daily necessity, both at home and work, the progress of Nepal depends heavily on reliable, affordable and fast internet connections, unshackled by wires and bad service. We therefore bring you Ncell’s revolutionary Wirefree+, an internet experience like never before. Fast, consistent and backed by 24x7 customer support, this service not just breaks free from inconvenient cables but also from everything that was hampering Nepal's internet experience. Get ready for a whole new Wi-Fi world.

Bundled Offer

Get 2 bundled SIMs with mobile data in each SIM, voice minutes and digital content such as Mobiplex, Hungama Music, Daami Music and lots more along with it.

Consistent Experience

Experience uninterrupted Wi-Fi service, while you are at work or home.


Enjoy the ease of a device that allows you to stay connected anywhere within the premises of your home and at the same time stay connected while you are on the go with the bundled data loaded SIMs.

To know where
Wirefree+ is available:

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  Gold Platinum Diamond
Price 690 860 950
Wirefree Data 60 GB 85 GB 100 GB
Voice (Minute) (Ncell to Ncell) 200 500 1000
Mobile Data (GB)-2 SIM bundle with data provision 5 GB X 2 SIMs 10 GB X 2 SIMs 10 GB X 2 SIMs
Prabhu TV Included Included Included
Mobiplex Optional Included Included
Hungama Music Optional Optional Included
Daami Music Included Included Included

Digital services only available on the bundled SIMs

For Ncell: 9008
For Others :+9779809008000

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