Short film competition
#Unpause – badcha zindagi jaba agadi chalcha zindagi

The annual short film competition is back. Participate and get a chance to win cash prize of up to Rs. 100,000 and a shooting experience with a renowned director. This year, the topic for the short film is #unpause.
With the ongoing pandemic and restrictions we have to maintain to keep ourselves and others safe, a new normal has emerged. Make a short film (up to 600 seconds) with stories related to moving ahead in these tough times by reimagining the future and submit it by December 26, 2020.
We have a special panel of judges for winner selection of this competition, visionary Entrepreneur & Movie Producer - Mr. Nakim Uddin, popular Presenter & Director - Mr. Asif Shah, and inspirational storyteller & Journalist - Ms. Bidhya Chapagain.

#unpause – badcha zindagi jaba agadi chalcha zindagi

Guidelines and Eligibility criteria:
  1. The competition is open to all participants residing in Nepal.
  2. A Participant can submit only one video in the competition.
  3. The Participant's video should not be more than 600 seconds in duration.
  4. The video must be original and unproduced in any type of setting or venue.
  5. The language of the voice over, if used in the video, should be Nepali.
  6. Participant must consider general audience for appropriate language in the narratives.
  7. Creative and innovative execution while producing the video is encouraged.
  8. The visual and the sound of the video should be clear. Participant can use any camera to shoot the video including mobile phone cameras with broadcasting quality.
  9. The Participant should submit the video via WeTransfer or Dropbox link. If required, Ncell may ask the participant to transfer original or larger file.
  10. The Participant after submission of the video cannot withdraw for any reason whatsoever.
  11. All entries should be accompanied by the name of the producer, contact number, email address and address and should be submitted by Dec 26, 2020.
General Terms and Conditions:
  1. Any videos with inappropriate content or words will not be entertained and if used will be automatically disqualified for the competition.
  2.  The video must not defame or disparage any individual, institution, ethnicity, religion, culture and tradition.
  3. The employees under the payroll of Ncell and their immediate family members; person providing consulting services to Ncell and their immediate family members; the advertising and promoting agencies and distributors of Ncell shall not be entitled to participate in the competition.
  4. By participating in the competition the Participant represents that the participant is the legal owner of the video and does not breach of copyright or intellectual property of third party.
  5. By participating in the competition the Participant grants Ncell a non-exclusive, unrestricted license to use, reproduce, modify, market, promote, and distribute the video submitted in the competition. The submission of the video shall be deemed as the Participant's permission and authorization to Ncell to use the creator’s name and voice for future advertising and publicity purposes without additional compensation.
  6. Data pack and apprenticeship prizes cannot be transferred or converted into cash.
  7. The Participant agrees to comply with all the rules, regulations and decisions of Ncell. The decision of Ncell & the panel of judges in respect of the competition and the prizes will be final and such decision will be binding upon the Participant.
  8. Ncell reserves the sole and discretionary right to amended, alter or cancel the competition, without any prior notification.
  9. If the Participant's video is selected as a winner then the Participant is required to collect the prize within 30 days of the announcement after which the prize shall expire and Ncell will not be liable to distribute the prize after said period.
Selection of Winning Video and Prizes:
  1. All videos will be judged on the basis of the creativity, simplicity and clarity of the subject matter, originality, presentation, audio & video quality, and adherence to the main theme by presiding panel judges. Selection of winners will be solely based on the decision of the panel of judges.
  2. Top 10 videos will be short-listed by the panel of judges which will be posted on Ncell’s various social media platforms.
  3. Winners of this Short Film Competition will win prizes as mentioned below.
Winners Cash Prize Data packs Apprenticeship
First Rs. 100,000 10GB data for 12 months for maximum 3 crew members Shooting experience with a renowned director
Second Rs. 75,000 10GB data for 12 months for maximum 3 crew members -
Third Rs. 50,000 10GB data for 12 months for maximum 3 crew members -
Fourth Rs. 25,000 10GB data for 12 months for maximum 3 crew members -
Fifth Rs. 25,000 10GB data for 12 months for maximum 3 crew members -
Sixth – Tenth - 10GB data for 12 months for the lead -

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