TDO Nepal 

What is TDO Nepal service?

Top Doctors Online is a web based portal on subscription based model. After subscription the customer can have access to below from the portal:
  • Chat with doctor via Facebook Messenger where doctor will be available to chat between 9:00AM to 9:00PM every day.
  • Read various heath related articles with possibility to change the language to English & Nepali.
  • Video tutorials for Yoga, Aerobics, Diet & Nutrition
How can I chat with doctors for my health problems?

After you subscribe to the service, you can link you your Facebook/ Messenger account by clicking on Chat button or Messenger icon. Doctor will respond on chat for your queries. You can type and send your queries in English and Nepali language
How do I activate the TDO Nepal service on my Mobile?

To activate via web: Visit www.tdonepal.com , click on any content and you will prompted for subscription.
To activate via USSD: Dial *17166# and choose the subscription pack.
To activate via SMS: Send the SMS keyword of the desired pack to 17166

Pack Name SMS Keywords
Daily (One time) TDOD
Weekly- Auto renewal TDOW
Weekly One time TDOWO
Biweekly- Auto renewal TDOF
Biweekly – One time TDOFO
Monthly – Auto renewal TDOM
Monthly – One time TDOMO
Deactivate STOP
What are the charges for activating TDO Nepal Service?
Products Rate Rs.
(Excl. Taxes)
Govt. Taxes
Rate Rs.
 (Incl. taxes)
Daily (One time) 5 1.38 6.38
Weekly- Auto renewal 30 8.31 38.31
Weekly One time 30 8.31 38.31
Biweekly- Auto renewal 50 13.85 63.85
Biweekly – One time 50 13.85 63.85
Monthly – Auto renewal 90 24.92 114.92
Monthly – One time 90 24.92 114.92
How can I activate the service on my desktop?

By visiting the portal www.tdonepal.com, you will have option to put your Ncell number. An OTP will be sent to your mobile phone to verify the user and you will be charged from your Ncell number. After you are charged, you can use your mobile number in desktop to access the service
Can I use this service while in roaming service?

You may use the service while in roaming service as far as your subscription is valid. We suggest you to use WiFi while roaming.
What kind of suggestions will the doctor provide?

All doctors available for consultation are medically qualified and are trained for handling online queries and provide guidance on the queries. It is important to note that an online consultation is not and cannot be a replacement for physical consultation with doctors and/or other healthcare service providers.
How can I unsubscribe TDO Nepal?

You can deactivate/ unsubscribe service any time with below options:
Via SMS: Type STOP in your message box and send it to 17166 
Via web:  Go to www.tdonepal.com. Click on My account under menu and then click the Unsubscribe button
Via USSD: Dial *17166*9#

To deactivate all Fun, Gaming & Entertainment services, type STOP and send SMS to 7724.
For information on deactivating Hello Chat, Radio Sewa, 8888 Service and Music Meter, please visit the product page.

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