LetzGo app

What is letzgo Service?
Letzgo is an innovative concept for the first time Nepal to get real time information of public transport in to any android mobile phone having Ncell Sim card.
What are the features of Letzgo?
Letzgo aims to deliver each and every transportation services to all passengers who travel using any means of transport. Currently Focusing on 
  • Bus
  • Taxi 
  • Domestic Flight 
  • Location share
How can I access Letzgo Service?
There are many ways to access Letzgo app. You can access Letzgo by just Dialing *17145# with your Ncell Mobile Number. You can get it in to Google play store and get it downloaded. You can share the app or download it for free of data charge http://bit.ly/2KTrdzR
How can I use data free for this service?
This is the only one service which is free of data charge via Ncell network. You can enjoy Free of data charge to use Letzgo from downloading via the link to use any service within app its totally free of data charge but please be sure to close background data use by other apps in your cell phone.
Can I download and use this app from WIFI?
Yes you can download app from google playstore by using wifi but you must have Ncell SIM card to activate the app.
In which tariff plans will this service be applicable?
This will be applicable in all tariff plan of Ncell prepaid and postpaid numbers.
Is there any timing to use the service?
No, You can enjoy the service any time after subscribing the service.
 How can I share the app to my friend?
You can share the app to any of your friends having Ncell mobile number from this app.

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