Conference Call

Meet face to face virtually with your friends, family and colleagues

You can organize a business meeting or catch up with your circle of friends and family over the phone. This will save your time and money as you can stay connected anywhere, anytime with a group of your choice. This service can connect up to 5 callers at the same time simultaneously.

Instructions to make a Conference Call:

  • Dial the first number and wait for the answer.

  • While the first call is on line, dial the second number. The other participants can also include other numbers in the conference call.

  • Press conference after the person to whom you have called answers the call.

  • You can continue the same till you have five or less than five participants.

The charges will be according to the standard calling rate and number of calls attached. The charges will be borne by the person initiating the call. For example, if A calls B and adds C in the conference call, A will be charged for calling both B and C. similarly, if C adds D in the conference, C will be charged for calling D.

Please note: This service can only be initiated by customers of Pro plan.

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