Low Balance Call

Now all prepaid users can make calls even when having low balance or zero balance. Simply call by dialing 17102 followed by the mobile number you want to call. If accepted by the receiver, the call will be charged from the receiver’s main balance.

How can I use Low Balance Call service?
Please follow below process to use the low balance call service:
To make low balance call
Dial 17102 followed by receiver’s mobile number to make call. For example, 17102980XXXXXXX.
To receive low balance call
Listen to the voice message and press 1 to accept the call. Once you accept the call, you will be charged for the call.

How much will I be charged for using this service?
There is no service charge for this service. The receiver will be charged the standard per minute rate of Rs. 1.99 (Rs. 2.54 including government taxes) from main balance instead of the one who is calling.

How many times can I use this service in a day?
You can use this service 4 times in a day if receiver receives your call.

What happens if receiver doesn’t have balance?
Call will not be successful if receiver doesn’t have enough main balance in his/her number.


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