Hungama Music Pro

What is Hungama Music Pro service?

With this service, you will be able to download and stream your favorite artists, songs, & music videos – in one place. Listen to music online or download songs – wherever you are, whenever you wish! Also you will get the below service.

- Unlimited audio/ videos without internet

- HD quality music

- Full length videos

- Ad free entertainment

This portal offers a large pool of Bollywood, Classics, Bengali, and International best songs, which are all the categories in Hungama APP & WAP.

How can I access Hungama Music Service?

You can download Hungama Music APP from Google Play Store.  Alternatively, you can go to the link (http://hng.am/10071) directly to access Portal to access the Hungama content.

How much do I pay for subscribing to Hungama Music and how much Songs can I Listen?

You can subscribe to 5 different subscription plans for Hungama APP & it is available in both one time and auto renewable packs as mentioned in table below. However, standard data charges are applied at the time of browsing the videos. You can listen/Download unlimited songs with your subscription.

Subscription Plan Rate Rs.
(excl. taxes)
Govt. Taxes
Total Price
Daily Value Pack Plan 5 1.39 6.39
3-day Value Pack Plan 10 2.769 12.769
Weekly Value Pack Plan 30 8.31 38.31
Monthly Value Pack plan 100 27.69 127.69
Weekly Renewal Plan 30 8.31 38.31
Monthly Renewal Plan 100 27.69 127.69

How can I subscribe/unsubscribe to the service?

You can subscribe/unsubscribe this service through SMS & Web application mode by following instructions mentioned below.

From portal:- http://hng.am/10071


From SMS  Activation
Short Code
Daily Value Pack Plan DHM1 Deactivation not required 17157
3-day Value Pack Plan HM1 Deactivation not required
Weekly Value Pack Plan WHM1 Deactivation not required
Monthly Value Pack plan MHM1 Deactivation not required
3-day Renewal Plan HM STOP
Weekly Renewal Plan WHM STOP
Monthly Renewal Plan MHM STOP


In which tariff plans will this service be applicable?

This will be applicable in all tariff plan of Ncell prepaid and postpaid numbers.

Are the products auto-renewable or one-time?

The products are available in both auto-renewable and one time feature.

What will be the validity of different products?

Validity of one time product for daily will be 24 hours from the time of activation. For one time & renewable weekly product will  be 7 days from the time of activation and for One time & renewable Monthly product will be 30 days from the time of activation.

Is my current phone capable of downloading Songs?

You can download Songs and stream from your phone that supports mobile data & mobile have Google play store. You may check your phone compatibility by referring to your phone manual.

 Will I be charged separately for downloading content?

The subscription plan rate for the service is only for access to the APP where you can download unlimited Songs to listen without internet, HD Quality music, Ad Free entertainment. You will be charged for data separately as per your plan for downloading Songs on the APP. Alternatively; you can also download the videos from WIFI.

If I am not in coverage area but have WIFI, will I be able to download and Stream?

You can download and stream even if you are connected to the WIFI but you have to subscribe the service to get access for the content.

Can I watch other video portal/apps from the subscription plan?

The subscription fee will only work for the Hungama Music.

I paid for the Hungama PRO subscription but I am unable to download songs?

If you are unable to download songs for offline streaming, we suggest you check your internet connection and network download permissions first. However, if you are further facing issues with the Offline downloads then please send your issue details; Email: support@hungama.

Can I play content after the subscription expires?
 Content could not be played after expiration of subscription. To play the content you have to re subscribe to the App.


To deactivate all Fun, Gaming & Entertainment services, type STOP and send SMS to 7724.
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