Daami Music

 1. What is Daami Music?
Daami Music is an authentic and legal Nepali music streaming app that gives you access to thousands of Nepali songs including various regional songs.

2. How can I download Daami Music app?
You can download Daami Music app from Google Play Store and App Store. 

3. What kind of streaming and download quality does Daami Music offer?
Daami Music offers high, medium and low qualities for streaming and download.
4. Can I select stream/download quality for the music?
Yes, you can select the stream/download quality from the ‘Settings’ section from the app.
5. Can I use Daami Music app in any platforms and devices?
Daami Music works in any Android and iOS devices.
6. Does Daami Music require an internet connection to work?
Yes, Daami Music requires an internet connection to work, which can be through either a Wi-Fi network or your mobile device’s cellular network. But for offline listening, your downloaded songs can be enjoyed without an internet connection as well.
7. Do I have to sign up to use the Daami Music app?
Yes, you need to sign up to use the Daami Music app.

8. How can I register/subscribe Daami Music app?
You can use following channel and process for registration/subscription of the service: 
From SMS use the following key words
Pack Activation Keyword Shortcode
Daily Onetime DDM1  
Weekly Onetime WDM1
Monthly Onetime MDM1
Weekly Recurring WDM
Monthly Recurring MDM

From USSD Dial *17155# and select the package as per your choice.
From IVR Dial 17155 and follow the instruction.
After registration success, users will receive SMS for download app link, user name and password for login.
9. Will I have security password for the app?
Yes, you can have password from the profile edits section for your account.

10. What are the benefits if I subscribe service of Daami Music app?
You will get the following benefit after subscription: 
  • Ad free unlimited music streaming.
  • Unlimited music download for offline listening.
  • Different bitrates for music streaming and download.
11. How much does it cost for subscription of Daami Music App?
You can subscribe to different subscription plans and it is available in both onetime and renewal packs as mentioned in table below.
Pack Subscription fee (excl. of taxes) Govt. Taxes Total Price Validity
Daily Onetime 3 0.83 3.83 1 day
Weekly Onetime and Renewal 15 4.15 19.15 7 days
Monthly Onetime and Renewal 50 13.85 63.85 30 days
12. How can I deactivate the subscription of service?
The following channel and process can be used for deactivation of service:
From SMS: The user should send an SMS typing STOP and send it to 17155
From app: Go to Settings section and tap the UNSUBSCRIBE button.
 13. Can I download songs from this app?
After subscription, you can download unlimited songs from the app.
14. Where are the downloaded songs saved?
Downloaded songs are saved in My Folder section. But downloaded songs are only accessible through the Daami Music app on your devices.

15. What will happen to the downloaded songs if subscription expires?
Downloaded songs will not be accessible if subscription expires.  Downloaded songs will remain in the app and appear as downloaded but users won’t be able to play them offline. To enjoy the offline features users should renew their subscription.

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