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You can exchange short text messages with Ncell customers as well as customers of other mobile operators within and outside Nepal through Ncell SMS service. 
Your handset is automatically set to send and receive SMS. However, if your message setting gets accidentally deleted or changed then you can follow the instruction below to reset it.

Go to message settings in message menu and select text messages. 
Enter +9779800009000 as message centre number and set the message format as text.

Outgoing SMS Rate (Rs.) (Excl. tax) Govt. Tax Total Price
Ncell to Ncell 1 0.28 1.28
Ncell to other network 1.27 0.35 1.62
(Government taxes include: 13% TSC and 13%VAT)

To send SMS within Nepal:
Type the message, follow the dialing format and send
+977 – Operator Code – Mobile Number 
Eg: To +97798XXXXXXXX

To send an SMS outside Nepal:
Type the message, follow the international dialing format and send
+ or 00 - Country Code – Operator Code – Mobile Number 
Eg: (Calling India) 00 - 91 – 9819388899 or +919819388899

One message includes 160 characters.

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