1.    What is Gameloft?
Gameloft is a gaming portal where customers can subscribe, download and play hundreds of games. 
2.    How do I visit the Gameloft website?
You can visit Gameloft website by clicking the link http://m.gameloft.com/ncell/subscription_index/? 

3.    What is Gameloft Games Club?
Gameloft Games Club is a subscription-based service. Ncell customers will be able to subscribe weekly for a subscription fees. 

Products Rate NPR (Excl. Taxes) Govt. Taxes NPR Rate NPR (Incl. taxes)
Weekly 39.86 11.04 50.9
3-days 11.96 3.31 15.27
In case of In-app Purchase or downloading or any of Android Games without subscription from app gallery, it will Charge as per below:
Features Rate NPR (Excl. Taxes) Govt. Taxes NPR Rate NPR (Incl. taxes)
In APP Purchase 7.97 2.21 10.18
15.95 4.42 20.36
23.92 6.62 30.54
31.89 8.83 40.72
39.86 11.04 50.9
Pay per Download 39.86 11.04 50.9
Unlock Games 39.86 11.04 50.9
4.    Can customers use Gameloft without subscribing to Games Club? 
Yes. Customers will be able to buy and download individual games on an on-demand basis through PPD option from the shop.
5.    What is the “Try & Buy” facility? 
Gameloft has pre-installed some of its games onto some devices. Customers can try these premium games for free. If they wish to pay for the unlimited model with more features, they will be able to purchase the full version. 
6.    What is “in-app purchase”?
There are some in-game items that customers will be able to purchase for special benefits within the game. Ncell customers will be able to purchase it using their phone bill. 
7.    Based on weekly subscription, user will get 5 credit points on the Gameloft Games Club. What does this mean here with CREDIT? 
For the first-time subscription, customer will get five credits points, with which he can download five games. With every renewal, the customer will get 4 (four) credit points, with which he can download 4 free games. 
8.    How can the user check his available credits?
This will be clearly shown on top of the “Games Club” page within the portal. The “Games Club” page can be reached by clicking the button at the left bottom of the page. 
9.    What is the expiry date of the credits?
The credits are not lost until the customer unsubscribes. 
10.    What are the benefits of renewal?
Upon renewal, the customer will be able get 4 credit points, which can be used to download 4 free games. 
11.    Which phones can support Gameloft games?
Customers on Android devices will be able to see only the games that they will be able to play on their phones. The home screen of the portal will be customized to each device’s compatibility with the games.
12.    Can I use this service on iOS?
13.     Can I download the game on a non-android phone?
Java games can be played with most devices. 
14.    What is the expiry date of the downloaded games?
The downloaded games will not expire unless the customer uninstall it from their phones. For the free trial games, customers will only be able to play for a limited amount of time before being asked to make a full purchase. 
15.    How can I subscribe to the Gameloft Games Club?
Please click “Download”, and then click “Download your free game here!” You will receive a SMS message confirming your subscription. 
Customer can subscribe to Gameloft Games Club by texting “START GAME” to 17144.
16.    How do I unsubscribe from the Gameloft Games Club?
Please click “Gameloft Club” at the bottom of the page. Afterward, please click “Leave the Gameloft Club”. 
Customer can unsubscribe to Gameloft Games Club by texting “. STOP GAME” to 17144.
17.    I accidentally deleted a game. How can I get it again?
You will need to purchase and download the game again. 
18.    Can I play downloaded games after unsubscribing?
Yes. Once the games are on your cell phone, you will be able to play it unlimitedly. 

To deactivate all Fun, Gaming & Entertainment services, type STOP and send SMS to 7724.
For information on deactivating Hello Chat, Radio Sewa, 8888 Service and Music Meter, please visit the product page.

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