App Market

1. What is App Market?
App Market is an innovative service that offers unlimited downloads of premium apps and games for a fixed low price. With this subscription model you have hundreds of apps to enjoy as you please. Only the best apps of all categories: Games, Kids, Tools, Health, Education, Photography and more.

2. What is the advantage of the App Market service?
You get these unique advantages:
  • 1 day free promotional period for the first activation
  • Unlimited app downloads
  • Access to an extensive catalog of high quality premium apps and games for Android users
  • After the trial period, this service only costs Rs. 11.96/Week (excluding 13% TSC and 13% VAT), making it extremely affordable; for other services you often pay more than that per game!
3. How can I activate the App Market service?
There are two ways:
1. Just visit apps.ncell.axiata.com and select an app to download, a page explaining service conditions will display. Click "Subscribe".
2. Send a SMS with the text "A" to 17110 for auto-renewal or "A1" to 17110 for one-time
3. For 3 days pack : Send a SMS with the text “T" to 17110 for 3 days renewal

4. How do I pay for the service? 
The day after your 1-day free promotional period ends, your mobile account is charged each week. Upon each successful transaction, you are given access to the service for the following week.
Please refer to below table for charges:
Subscription Plan Rate NPR. (excl. taxes) Govt. Taxes NPR. Rate NPR. (Incl. taxes)
3 days pack 7 1.94 8.94
Weekly 11.96 3.31 15.27
5. What happens during and after the trial period?
If the subscription plan offers a free trial period, no charges will be applied until this free trial is over. After that, for each due date, the subscription fee will be automatically deducted from your balance if you’re a prepaid customer. If you are a postpaid customer, the subscription fee will be deducted from your monthly bill.
6. What does the button marked "[price & currency +]" next to a Featurephone app mean?
The plus symbol (+) indicates a premium app that can only be downloaded when the App Market service is activated.

7.When I reconnect to the service, will I be offered a new 1-day free promotional period?
No. This is only granted once to new users of the service.

8. How can I disable the service?
There are two ways:
1. Send a SMS with the text "D" to 17110.
2. Go to apps.ncell.axiata.com and click "Account" at the bottom of the page. Click "Unsubscribe".

9. When I cancel my subscription, can I continue using the apps I downloaded?
Yes the premium Android apps can be used till the subscription end date even if subscription is cancelled. Just subscribe for the service again to continue using the apps. For featurephone content, there is no limitation and they can be used indefinitely even after expiry of subscription.

10. How do I access premium content on feature phone?
You need to upgrade to an Android device to access the premium apps and games

11. Which platforms are supported for this service?
Android, Symbian, Java, Bada and Blackberry platforms are supported for this service.

12. Can I use the service from a PC or laptop?
No, the service is designed for mobile devices only. To download apps, visit App Market from a mobile phone, smartphone or tablet.

13. I have an iPhone/iPad. Can I use the service and download apps?
No, this service is not available for devices on the iOS operating system. You need to use the official App Store to download apps on your device.

14. I have a Windows Phone (e.g. Nokia, Lumia). Can I download apps?
No, this service is not available for devices on the Windows Phone operating system. You need to use the official store to download apps on your device.

15. I have an Android phone but I can't download an app. What do I do?
To download an app on Android devices, you need to adjust the settings to allow installation of apps from different sources. Go to "Settings" and from the menu, select "Applications". From the menu, select "Unknown sources".
16. What will happen if I have downloaded premium apps and subscription isn’t renewed next week?
The installed premium apps and games will stop working after the subscription expires after a week and can be used again on renewal of subscription

17. Can I download as many apps as I like?
Yes. If you have a valid subscription you can download as many apps and games as you please.

18. How do I recognize the premium apps downloaded through App Market?
Every app downloaded through App Market comes with a little visual mark (badge) on its icon, so you won’t be confused about the apps downloaded from other sources.

19. Does downloading apps from App Market require an internet connection?
Yes. You must have an internet connection of any kind to start the download. We always recommend a Wi-fi connection to make it faster – especially for files above 15 MB. If you don’t have a mobile data plan, check the costs with your operator before using App Market.

20. Can I download apps via Wi-Fi?
Yes, you can. This allows you to download apps fast. First, go to apps.ncell.axiata.com and connect to the internet via Ncell network and activate your subscription. Then switch to Wi-Fi and log on to apps.ncell.axiata.com again using the same mobile browser. From then on, whenever you switch to Wi-Fi, your subscription can be identified so you can download apps.

21. While trying to download some games, it asks to download additional resources first. Is it expected?
Yes, some games require additional resources to be downloaded to play them           

22. Why am I asked to download Google Play services first when installing some games
Some games do require Google Play services to be enabled as part of the features they offer e.g. Contacts, Location etc. depending on the feature they are using it might be absolutely necessary or optional. If the features are optional, then you can Cancel the installation of Google Play services and proceed to install the game.

23. I am getting a message to disable WIFI when trying to subscribe, even though my data is switched On
Check if one of the following is enabled and disable and try again
  1. The Data Saver mode in Google Chrome
  2. Opera Max or Data Saver mode in the device
  3. High mode in Opera Mini
  4. The Cloud Boost for Mobile Network in UC Browser

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