Quizlo is a fun and informative quiz game which offers multiple options as answers to the asked questions on various topics.

How can I play game in Quizlo?
Once you enter into Quizlo, you will be shown questions with 4 options and among them 1 is the correct one. You will be given 5 questions for each topic and you have to attempt them within 10 seconds.

How much will I be charged for using Quizlo?
You will be charged as per subscription plans mentioned below.
Subscription Plans
Price (excl. taxes)
in Rs.
Government taxes
Price (incl. taxes) in Rs.
Quizlo 3 days One Time 12 3.32 15.32
Quizlo Weekly One Time 30 8.31 38.31
Quizlo 15 days One Time 40 11 51
Quizlo Monthly One Time 60 16.61 76.61
Quizlo 3 days Recurring 12 3.32 15.32
Quizlo Weekly Recurring 30 8.31 38.31
Quizlo 15 days Recurring 40 11 51
Quizlo Monthly Recurring 60 16.61 76.61
 * Please note, for recurring service, your subscription will be automatically renewed on end date of the subscription.

How can I subscribe and unsubscribe to Quizlo?
You can subscribe and unsubscribe to Quizlo by visiting http://np.quizlo.mobi
You can also subscribe by typing the below codes and sending SMS to 17138. 
Quizlo Keywords Activation Deactivation
One Time 3 Days START Q1 STOP Q
One Time Weekly START Q2 STOP Q
One Time 15 Days START Q3 STOP Q
One time Monthly START Q4 STOP Q
Auto Renewal 3 days START QA STOP Q
Auto Renewal Weekly START QB STOP Q
Auto Renewal 15 days START QC STOP Q
Auto Renewal monthly START QD STOP Q

Does Quizlo have content in Nepali language?
Yes, Quizlo has content in Nepali language as well. 

Which categories / topics of questions and answers does Quizlo provide?
Quizlo cover wide spectrum of questions from below categories:
  • Economics
  • Current affairs
  • Entertainment
  • Geography
  • History
  • Literature
  • Arts & culture
  • Science
  • Sports
To deactivate all Fun, Gaming & Entertainment services, type STOP and send SMS to 7724.
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