Kidsee Service

With this service, all Ncell customers will be able to watch exclusive videos by paying a subscription fee. This portal offers a large pool of videos covering wide range of Kids Education, Cartoons and Entertainment.

How can I access Kidsee Portal?
You can get the access to Kidsee Portal on http://www.kidseetv.com

What is the subscription charge for this service and how much videos can I watch?
You can subscribe to different subscription plans & it is available in both one time and renewable packs as mentioned in table below. However, standard data charges are applied at the time of browsing the videos.

Subscription fee Rs. (excl. of taxes)
TSC (13%) VAT (13%)
Price (Rs.) Inc. of Taxes
Daily One Time 4 0.52 0.59        5.11
3 Days One Time and Renewal 8 1.04 1.18      10.22
Weekly Onetime and Renewal 15 1.95 2.2      19.15
Monthly Onetime and Renewal 30 3.9 4.41      38.31

How can I subscribe/unsubscribe this service?
You can subscribe/unsubscribe this service through SMS & Web application mode by following instructions mentioned below.
From Portal
Activation Deactivation
http://www.kidseetv.com Via http://www.kidseetv.com,
under my profile section click unsubscribe for deactivation.

From SMS, please use the following key words
Product Description Activation Deactivation Short Code
Daily One time D Not Applicable  17156 
Three Days One time 3
Weekly One time WK
Monthly One time MK
Three Days Autorenewal 3R UNSUB
Weekly Autorenewal WR
Monthly Autorenewal MR

In which tariff plans will this service be applicable?
This will be applicable in all tariff plans of Ncell prepaid and postpaid customers.

Are the products auto-renewable or one-time?
The products are available in both renewable and one time feature.
What will be the validity of different products?
Validity of one time product for daily will be 24 hours from the time of activation.

Is my current phone capable to watch videos?
You can watch videos from your phone that supports mobile data & mobile videos. You may check your phone compatibility by referring to your phone manual.

Is multiple subscription of different plan allowed?
Multiple subscription of different plan is not allowed.

Will I be charged separately for watch video content?
The subscription plan rate for the service is only for access to the portal. You will be charged for data separately as per your plan to watch videos on the portal. Alternatively, you can also watch the videos from Wifi.

Can I watch other video portal/apps from the subscription plan?
The subscription fee will only work for the Kidsee portal.

To deactivate all Fun, Gaming & Entertainment services ,type STOP and send SMS TO 7724 or dial *7724# to check and deactivate consent given renewal services individually.
For information on deactivating Hello Chat, Radio Sewa, 8888 Service and Music Meter, please visit the product page.

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