Sportsie Portal

What is Sportsie Portal Service?
With Sportsie portal, all Ncell customers would be able to identify the latest strategies and news of the football and cricket games and its gaming schedule. Additional add on features of Sportsie portal are as follow:

A. Social game where users make real-time predictions with live sports to earn points. gamified with levels, achievements, and leaderboards & friends.

B. Cool hangout for Sports Fans.


D. Fans collect points through various activities within the platform & use them for predictions.

How can I access Sports Portal?
You can go the link http://sportsie.com/ncell directly to access Sportsie Portal.

How much will be get charged for subscribing to Sportsie Portal and how much videos can I watch?
You can subscribe to 2 different subscription plans for Sportsie Portal & it is available in both one time and auto renewable packs as mentioned in table below. However, standard data charges are applied at the time of browsing the videos/news/comment. 


Subscription Plan Rate (Inc. of taxes) Validity
Daily Rs. 5 24 hours
Weekly Rs. 25 7 days

How can I subscribe/unsubscribe to the service?
You can subscribe/unsubscribe this service through SMS & portal itself by following instructions mentioned below. 

SMS mode Activation Deactivation Short code
Daily One time Start S Stop S 17138
Daily Recurring Start S1
Weekly One time Start S2
Weekly Recurring Start S3


 Portal Activation Deactivation
Portal itself Via www.sportsie.com/ncell Via www.sportsie.com/ncell, click unsubscribe for deactivation.
 click subscribe for activation.

In which tariff plans will this service be applicable?
This will be applicable for all Ncell prepaid and postpaid customers.

Is my current phone capable of browsing videos on Sportsie Portal?
You can browse videos/ latest games and make prediction from your phone that has internet browsers and supports mobile data. You may check your phone compatibility by referring to your phone manual.

Is multiple subscription of different plans allowed?
Multiple subscription of different plan for this service is not allowed for now.

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