Q. What is SMS Tweety?
This is an innovative way for celebrities/artists to communicate with their fans. SMS Tweety service is a SMS based service by which celebrities/artists can share their daily updates (thought of view, life style, activities etc.).
Q. What is News service?
This is subscription based service where customer gets daily News on mobile.
Q. What is Daily Health Service?
This is subscription based service where customer gets daily health tips on mobile.
Q. How much should I pay for Subscription and how can I activate this service?
Subscription for this service is Rs. 5 excluding taxes (Rs. 6.38 incl. taxes). You can activate and deactivate this service by using below mentioned keyword.
Celebrity Name  Package Activation Keyword De-activation Keyword Short Code
Rajan Thakuri 3 Day renewal START<Space>3DRRT Stop<Space>RT 31020
3 Day onetime START<Space>3DRT 31020
Sushma Karki 3 Day renewal START <Space> 3DRSKI Stop<Space>SKI 31020
3 Day onetime START<Space>3DSKI 31020
Ramji Khand 3 Day renewal START<Space>3DRRK Stop<Space>RK 31020
3 Day onetime START<Space>3DRK 31020
Benisha Hamal 3 Day renewal START<Space>3DRBH Stop<Space>BH 31020
3 Day onetime START<Space> 3DBH 31020
Devi Gharti 3 Day renewal START <Space>3DRDG Stop<Space>DG 31020
3 Day onetime START <Space>3DDG 31020
Jyoti Magar 3 Day renewal START<Space>DRJM Stop<Space>JM 31020
3 Day onetime START <Space>3DJM 31020
Radhika Hamal 3 Day renewal START <Space>3DRRH Stop<Space>RH 31020
3 Day onetime START <Space>3DRH 31020
Sandip Chhetri 3 Day renewal START<Space>3DRSC Stop<Space>SC 31020
3 Day onetime START<Space>3DSC 31020
Health Tips 3 Day renewal START<Space>3DRHT Stop<Space>News 31020
3 Day onetime START <Space> 3DHT 31020
News 3 Day renewal START<Space>3DRNEWS Stop<Space>HT 31020
3 Day onetime START<Space>3DNEWS 31020
Q. Can I activate SMS Tweety service, Daily Health Service and News Service from other mediums?
Yes, you can activate services from the link below:
SMS Tweety:  http://mobinepal.com/tweety.php
Daily health Service: http://mobinepal.com/ht.php
News Service: http://mobinepal.com/NcellNews1.php
Q. Is there any browsing charge if I subscribed from the portal?
For browsing standard data charges are applicable.

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