Personal Ring Back Tone (PRBT)

Replace boring tone with your favorite tune
Personal Ring Back Tone (PRBT) service enables the person who calls you to listen to popular tunes instead of the regular tones. Your friends, family and colleagues can enjoy the tune of your or their choice till you answer the call. You can choose popular songs from a wide list ranging from international chart busters to our local hits and also send it as a gift to anyone.
To purchase a tone 
From IVR: Dial 17117 and follow the instructions to choose your favorite tone. 
From SMS: Type PRBT Tonecode and send to 17117
From USSD: Dial *17117#
If you are new PRBT user – service and tone will be charged and activated
If you are existing PRBT user – tone will be charged and activated. 
Cost of service: Rs 12.54*/month 
Cost of tone: Rs. 12.54*/month/tone 
Both service and tone will be auto renewed each month. 
*All the charges mentioned are inclusive of taxes.(Government taxes include :- 11% Telecommunication Service Charge and 13% VAT)
To delete PRBT service and the tone 
IVR: Dial 17117 and follow instruction 
SMS: Type R and send SMS to 17117 
To know your PRBT code: 
Send MYPRBT to 17117 and follow instructions 
What are the charges for dialing PRBT IVR 17117 ?
At the start of each nepali month you get 10 free calls to PRBT IVR. After the 10th call each call to PRBT IVR will be charged Rs. 3.762 per call . 

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