1. What is Music Meter Service?
Music Meter is an IVR based Karaoke Sing along service that allows every mobile user to call in and check his or her singing skills. The user has an option to select the desired song or track and then start singing along with the reference background music track. On successful submission of the user song the scoring engine algorithm, compares and analyses the score of the user submitted song, by comparing the various parameters such as pitch, rhythm, tempo against the original song and a real time score is announced within a span of few seconds.
  1. How can I access Music Station Service?
You can access Music Meter Service by just dialing 17156 with your Ncell Mobile Number. This number is toll free.
  1. How much do I pay for subscribing to Music Meter Service and how much time I can enjoy Music Meter Service?
You can subscribe to different subscription plans for Music Meter Service & it is available in both one time and auto renewable packs as mentioned in table below.
Pack Subscription fee Rs. (excl. of taxes) TSC (13%) VAT (13%) Price (Rs.) Inc. of Taxes Bundle Minutes Expiration Day
Daily Onetime 3 0.39 0.4407 3.83 30 1
Weekly Onetime and Auto renewal 12 1.56 1.7628 15.32 120 7
Monthly Onetime and Auto renewal 30 3.9 4.407 38.31 300 30
Subscribers can also re-fill from the below packs when purchased time is consumed
Pack Subscription fee Rs. (excl. of taxes) TSC (13%) VAT (13%) Price Rs. Inc. of Taxes Bundle Minutes Expiration Day
Refill - Onetime 3 0.39 0.44 3.83 30 1
  1. Is multiple subscription of different plan allowed?
Multiple subscription of different plan is not allowed.
  1. How can I Subscribe/Unsubscribe to the service?
The following channels and process is used for activation and deactivation of the service.
  • From SMS use the following key words
Product Description Activation Deactivation Short Code
Daily One time DO  
Not Applicable
Weekly One time WO
Monthly One time MO
Weekly Recurring W  
Monthly Recurring M
Refill R Not Applicable
  • Call 17156 and follow the instruction for activation and deactivation of services.
  • From USSD, dial *17156# for activation of service.
  1. In which tariff plans will this service be applicable?
This will be applicable in all tariff plan of Ncell prepaid and postpaid numbers.
  1. What happens if I have low balance at the time of subscribing to the service?
To subscribe the service, you should have enough main balance on your account.
  1. How can I check my Music Meter balance minutes?
You need to type BAL and sent to it 17156. You will get Music Meter balance minute info via SMS.
  1. How do I change the language?
User can change the language as per his/her choice in help menu basis available languages on IVR.

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