Magic Voice FAQs

What is Magic Voice?
Magic Voice is a fun based service that allows callers to change their voice or background music and let them speak to their friends or family in changed voices.

Who can use the Magic Voice service?
The Magic Voice service is available to all customers of Ncell. Once you subscribed the service, you will be able to make calls to your friends or family in a changed voice or adding background music during a call.
What voice or background music we can change in Magic Voice?
You can change your voice to Cartoon character, Kings, Women and background music to Birthday Tune, Traffic jam, Airport, and football stadium. However, we will add different voices and background music on a monthly basis.
What is the subscription fee for Magic Voice service?
The subscription fee for Magic Voice service are:

Products Rate (Rs) (Excl. Taxes) Govt. Taxes (Rs) Total Price
Daily 1.59 0.44 2.04
Weekly 7.97 2.21 10.18

Is a special handset required to use the Magic Voice service?
No. Magic Voice is handset independent and will work on any mobile phone.
How can I Subscribe/Unsubscribe Magic Voice Service?
You can choose any one subscription from IVR, USSD, and SMS channel. The process is as below:
  1. IVR
Dial 17135 and follow the instruction
  1. SMS Channel
SMS Subscription/Unsubscription
S.No. Magic Voice SMS Keyword SMS Short Code
1 Weekly Recurring 7MV 17135
2 Daily One-Time MV1 17135
3 Weekly One-Time 7MV1 17135
4 Unsubscription Unsub MV 17135

*(Government taxes include :- 13% Telecommunication Service Charge and 13% VAT)

For e.g, To activate daily recurring service send SMS MV to 17135
  1. USSD
Dial *17135# and follow the process
How can we use the Magic Voice service?
After subscription you can dial 17135<Mobile Number> (1713598********) and choose any voice or background music from the menu and wait for B party to receive the call. After the call connection you can speak to your friends or family in a changed voice.
Will I be charged during Magic Voice calls?
Calling the Short Code 17135 is FREE. However, normal voice rate tariff/voice packages/or bonus balance will apply to caller if B party receives the Magic Voice call.
Will my friend get calls from 17135 or from my mobile number when I initiate Magic Voice Call?
Your friend will see your mobile number when you make Magic Voice call.
How can callers change their voice to other voices while speaking to their friend?
During the call, you can press ‘1’, ‘2’ or ‘3’ to change your voice or 4,5,6,7 to change background music.
How can callers change back to their original voice while speaking to their friend?
During the call, you can press ‘0’ to go back to the original voice.
Can users call friends on other networks with changed voices?
No. this service is only available for Ncell users.

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