Love Detector

Why use
Ncell Love Detector?
If I am nervous to ask out my crush, I use Love Detector as a fun way to check if s/he likes me too.
How does it work? Love Detector uses voice analysis by checking the level of excitement and concentration of my partner while talking to me.
How do I start using it?  Dial *17143# to subscribe to basic tariff plan
 Call to 17143 to start using the service 
 Indicate what type of relationship I have 
 Specify the number of the person I want to check
How do I get the result? I will receive the voice analysis results via SMS after my phone conversation.
How much does it cost? I may choose between 2 types of subscriptions with one time and recurring:

Products Rate NPR (Excl. Taxes) Govt. Taxes NPR Rate NPR (Incl. taxes)
Daily 5 1.38 6.38
Weekly 30 8.31 38.31

*(Government taxes include :- 13% Telecommunication Service Charge and 13% VAT)

What does the Ncell Love Detector really measure?
Ncell Love detector measures high and constant levels of excitement and concentration - indicative of arousal derived mostly from sexual attraction. This type of feeling and arousal is usually present between two people in the beginning of their relationship, and before the relationship is moved to a more formal structure.
Is the Ncell Love Detector really a Lie Detector as reported in the several newspapers and the media?
The answer here is a big NO. This technology is not, nor does it pretend to be, a lie detector. It’s purpose is to identify certain emotional parameters associated with physical attraction and nothing more. Furthermore, when using the Detector, you should AVOID direct questions like "Do you love me?" as these type of questions will in many cases raise embarrassment.
What do the results I see really mean?
The higher the level of "Love" is, the more excited and concentrated your friend was in during the conversation. In many cases, you will see that the Love Level is rising when speaking about certain issues, but decreases again when speaking about a different issue. In these cases, the "Love Level" will reflect the emotions of your friend associated with the arousing issue, and not with the real feeling of love. To make sure that the Love analysis is really a result of attraction, the Love level should stay more or less constant throughout the conversation regardless of the issue at hand.
Can I test my mother to see if she really loves me?
No. The kinds of love attributes that the system measures would not include the feelings a mother has for her son as this type of love does not include attraction. However, if you didn't speak with your mother for a long time and she is happy to hear your voice, the love level will rise.
I tested my wife and there are no Love indications. Does this mean that she no longer loves me?
No. Think for a moment: Your wife sees you every day - how excited can she be to hear your voice in the middle of the routine tasks she has to face daily? Generally, the parameters we are talking about refer to a potential new partner with whom you have had no previous contact. Loving a spouse may not engender the same parameters when looking at a potential lover. This does not mean that your spouse no longer loves you, but if you do get high emotional response from your wife, it may worth your while to get back home early today.
To what degree can I rely on the results?
As with everything else, common sense needs to be used. Obviously, you will not propose marriage based on these results alone but they may certainly provide you with information about your potential partner. Probably the best use that you can make of the love detector is when you need to decide whether to date the person who have spoken to or not. Or, whether or not, you want to continue (or even propose) the relationship. It is in these situations that you want to see the high excitement, arousal and concentration. Generally, when you first meet someone, the physical attraction is the strongest. It is only after becoming acquainted with the individual, do other attributes become important. Meeting someone new is exciting and adventurous and these feelings are definitely manifested in the voice and picked up by the Ncell Love Detector. 
What are the best uses to be made of the Ncell Love Detector?
The intended use of Love detector is for initiating a first date proposal or deciding whether to continue with someone after the first or second date. After those initial dates (3 or 4 dates), you don’t really need the Love Detector to tell you what the score is. If you still do, you probably need to look at the relationship a bit more in depth, especially as to why there are no “signals”. At this point, the Ncell Love Detector cannot help you.
Has this been scientifically tested?
There are no academic studies to date that you can refer to as certain academic conventions prevents the experimentation to proceed to the REAL proof phase, and when testing a very sensitive matter like Love, laboratory test are known to kill any related emotion. However, emotions displayed and felt are transmitted via the voice and the proof is simply your own experience. In almost all cases (above 90% of the times) – the date outcome correlated with the love level indication.
Term and Conditions
The Love Detector Service is only for entertainment purpose. By using this service, I accept the terms and conditions.
  • To activate Love Detector, send [START] or empty SMS to 17143, or dial *17143#.
  • To deactivate, send [STOP] to 17143 or dial *17143*0*1#.
  • To check the status of my subscription, send [CHECK] to 17143 or dial *17143*5#
  • To manage my subscriptions, dial *17143*7#
  • Ncell Love Detector is available to all Ncell Prepaid and Postpaid customers.

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