Hello Chat Service

1) What is Hello Chat Service?
Hello Chat is an entertainment portal based on IVR technology that allows subscribers to communicate with interesting people and find new friends by interest.
2) How can I access Hello Chat Service?
You can access Hello Chat Service by dialing toll free number 17153 from your Ncell Mobile Number.
3) How can I start to use the service, listen profiles of other subscribers and leave them voice messages? 
Call 17153 and press 1 to start use the service. You will be able to create your own profile, listen profiles of other users and communicate with them by leaving messages.
4) How can I create my own profile?
Your own profile can be created after service activation. Call 17153, after language have been chosen press 1 and you will hear menu where it’s offering to create a profile by pressing button 2. Follow the audio instruction to create profile. It can be re-recorded any time.  
5) How I can listen profiles of other subscribers?                                                                                                                      
In the main IVR menu, press 1. After that you will be able to listen profiles of other subscribers by pressing button 1. You can listen profiles from any category and can leave voice messages to liked profiles.  
6) How I can leave messages to other users?                                                                                                                      
During listening the profiles of other users you can press button 1 to leave a message.  
7) How much do I pay for subscribing to Hello Chat Service, and how much time I can enjoy Hello Chat Service?
You can subscribe to different subscription plans for Hello Chat Service & it is available in both one time and auto renewable packs, as mentioned in the table below:
Pack Subscription Fee (Ex. Taxes) TSC (13%) VAT (13%) Price (Rs.) Inc. of Taxes Bundle Minutes Expiration Days
Daily One Time 3 0.39 0.4407 3.83 30 1
Weekly One Time and Auto Renewal 12 1.56 1.7628 15.32 210 7
Monthly One Time and Auto Renewal 30 3.9 4.407 38.31 900 30
Subscribers can also re-fill from the below packs when the purchased time is consumed:
Pack Subscription Fee (Ex. Taxes) TSC (13%) VAT (13%) Price (Rs.) Inc. of Taxes Bundle Minutes Expiration Days
Refill - One Time 3 0.39 0.4407 3.83 30 1
8) Is multiple subscription of different plan allowed?
Multiple subscription of different plan is not allowed.
9) How can I subscribe/unsubscribe from the service?
The following channels and process is used for activation and deactivation of the service.
  • From SMS use the following keywords
Product Description Activation Deactivation Short Code
Daily One Time DO  
Not Applicable
Weekly One Time WO
Monthly One Time MO
Daily Auto Renewal W  
Weekly Auto Renewal M
Refill R Not Applicable
  • Call 17153 and follow the instruction for activation and deactivation of services.
10) In which tariff plans will this service be applicable?
The service will be applicable in all tariff plans of Ncell prepaid and postpaid numbers.
11) What happens if I have low balance at the time of subscribing to the service?
To subscribe to the service, you should have enough main balance on your account.
12) How can I check my Hello Chat balance minutes?
You need to send SMS with text LIMIT to 17153. You will get info via SMS with the amount of remaining minutes to listen to radio stations.
13) How do I select the language?
You can select the language you prefer in the main IVR menu of the service.

To deactivate all Fun, Gaming & Entertainment services, type STOP and send SMS to 7724.
For information on deactivating Hello Chat, Radio Sewa, 8888 Service and Music Meter, please visit the product page.

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