1.    What is FOPI?
 FOPI is audio and video on demand application where you can play songs, videos, series and movies. Ncell customers can subscribe below mentioned pack to watch movies upto 48 hours. After subscription, customer can also download the content upto 48 hours.
Subscription plan Validity Rate ( excl. taxes) Govt Taxes (Rs.) Total Price ( Incl. Taxes)
Premium Movies 48 hours 50 13.84 63.84
Regular Movies 48 hours 30 8.3 38.3
2.    How do I download FOPI app?
You can download FOPI app from Google Play Store.
3.    Can customers use FOPI app without subscription?
Yes, there are free and premium movies available in this app. You have to pay for the premium movies only as free movies can be watched without any subscription. Standard data charges will be applied on browsing and streaming the content.
 4.    How many movies can I download in 48 hours after subscription? 
You can play/download only one movie at a time after subscription. However you can play/download numbers of movies in a day.
5.    How can i check if the content is premium or free?
 Premium and free contents will be mentioned in the section itself.
6.    Which phones can support FOPI?
Any Android smartphone with compatibility to play videos can support FOPI.
7.    Can I use this service on iOS?
This service is available for Android smartphones only.
8.    How can I pay for the content in FOPI?
 You can pay for the selected content by following below steps:
  • Select the movie you want to pay for.
  • Select Ncell as the payment option.
  • Insert your phone no and wait for an OTP from Shortcode 17170
  • Insert the OTP in the form and the content is ready to play.
9.    How do I unsubscribe FOPI subscription?
This is just one time subscription so it will be unsubscribed automatically.
10. Can I play content after the subscription expires?
 Content could not be played after expiration of subscription.

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