Daily Packs

You can now subscribe to various services like daily zodiac, love quotes, jokes, amazing fact and get content on your mobile every day. Each day Rs. 2.51 will be deducted for the content unless you unsubscribe from the service.

How to subscribe the daily pack?

Choose the pack that you are interested in and send the corresponding subscription keyword to 8888.
To subscribe jokes: Type SUBDJOKE and send it to 8888.
To subscribe to your zodiac ARIES: Type SUBDARI and send it to 8888.

How to unsubscribe the daily pack?

Choose the pack that you are not interested in and send the corresponding un-subscription key word to 8888.
To unsubscribe jokes: Type UNSUBDJOKE and send it to 8888.
To unsubscribe to zodiac ARIES: Type UNSUBDARI and send it to 8888.
S.No        Pack       Frequency   Cost Per day(Rs.)
(inclusive of taxes)
Zodiac Keyword to Subscribe Keyword to unsubscribe
1 Astrology Daily  2.51 Aries SUBDARI UNSUBDARI
2  Astrology Daily  2.51 Taurus SUBDTAU UNSUBDTAU
3 Astrology Daily  2.51  Aquarius SUBDAQU UNSUBDAQU
4 Astrology Daily  2.51  Cancer SUBDCAN UNSUBDCAN
5 Astrology Daily  2.51  Capricorn SUBDCAP UNSUBDCAP
 6 Astrology Daily  2.51  Gemini SUBDGEM UNSUBDGEM
 7 Astrology Daily  2.51  Leo SUBDLEO UNSUBDLEO 
 8 Astrology Daily  2.51  Libra SUBDLIB  UNSUBDLIB
 9 Astrology Daily  2.51  Sagittarius SUBDSAG UNSUBDSAG
 10 Astrology Daily  2.51  Scorpio SUBDSCO UNSUBDSCO
 11 Astrology Daily  2.51  Virgo  SUBDVIR UNSUBDVIR
12 Astrology Daily  2.51 Pisces SUBDPIS UNSUBDPIS
13 Jokes Daily  2.51   SUBDJOKE  UNSUBDJOKE
14 Love Tips Daily  2.51   SUBDLT UNSUBDLT
15 Love Quotes Daily  2.51   SUBDLQ UNSUBDLQ
16 Dating Tips Daily  2.51   SUBDDT UNSUBDDT
17 Health Tips Daily  2.51   SUBDHT UNSUBDHT
18 Devotional - Gita Quotes Daily  2.51   SUBDGQ UNSUBDGQ
19 Devotional - Buddhist Quotes Daily  2.51   SUBDBQ UNSUBDBQ
20 Amazing Facts Daily  2.51   SUBDAF UNSUBDAF
21 Bollywood Gossip Daily  2.51   SUBDBG UNSUBDBG 
22 Love SMS Daily  2.51   SUBDLS  UNSUBDLS
All the charges mentioned are inclusive of taxes.
(Government taxes include :- 11% Telecommunication Service Charge and 13% VAT)

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