PRBT Aafnai Dhun

What is public and private Aafnai Dhun? 
In public aafnai dhun the tone recorded by creator is available to set ring back tone for all the users while in private aafnai dhun the tone recorded by creator is available to set ring back tone only by the creator.
How do I record public PRBT Aafnai Dhun?
Dial 17117, press 1 then press 1 and start recording your dhun. Once complete, press # and press 4 to save it as public PRBT Aafnai Dhun. Thereafter follow the instructions to set it for special caller or for all callers. 
What is the price of the public Aafnai Dhun?
Price of public Aafnai Dhun is Rs. 10 (excl.govt. taxes) per month.
What is the validity of public Aafnai Dhun?
Validity of public Aafnai Dhun  30 days. 
Can I convert my previously recorded private dhun to p-ublic Dhun?
No, you cannot convert your previously recorded private dhun as public dhun. You need to re-record the same dhun by following same process again and pressing 4 to save it as public Aafnai Dhun.
Can one user record multiple public Aafnai Dhun?
Yes,one user can record multiple public Aafnai Dhun. But for every dhun that is created,he will be charged Rs. 10 (excl.govt. taxes).
Can I copy public Aafnai Dhun like other PRBT?
Yes, you can use star copy function for copying public Aafnai Dhun just like any other PRBT.
If I delete the dhun that I created, will it still be playing on the numbers who activated that particular tone?
Yes, it will work. It will only stop working if you deactivate your Aafnai Dhun service.
Can I activate Public Aafnai Dhun in daily and fortnightly validity?
No you cannot activate public Aafnai Dhun in daily and fortnightly validity. It has to be activated in monthly validity only. 
Can Ncell delete the public Aafnai Dhun that I have created?
Yes, Ncell has the right to delete the recorded public aafnai dhun if it has content that are considered as irrelevant and illegal as stated in the disclaimer statement in the initial IVR recording of public Aafnai Dhun. 

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