Recharge ma Chamatkar!

With recharge of every Rs. 100, get a code. With this code, 5 customers get chance to win Rs. 2 lakh each every week and 1 customer gets to win Rs. 10 lakh every month! You can know your codes of the current week by dialing *17107#. To know the codes you have received till date, type CODE and send to 17107.
Winners will be selected in a LIVE show broadcasted from AP1 TV every Monday 6:30 PM.
How and when will I get my code number?
You will get one code number on recharge of every Rs. 100. You will get your code number instantly after recharge. You will have to dial *17107# to check all your received codes of the current week. To know the codes you have received till date, type CODE and send to 17107.
How many codes will I receive if I recharge more than Rs. 100 in a week?
You will get one code for every Rs. 100 worth of recharge done from any medium (Recharge Card, VFT, Online payment). For example, if you recharge Rs. 550 this week, then you will receive 5 codes. Balance received from Ncell Saapati and Balance transfer, however, will not be counted as recharge to get code number.
How much will I win as weekly and monthly prize?
You will win Rs. 2 Lakh as weekly prize and Rs. 10 Lakh as monthly prize. Mentioned amount is the net amount after tax.
When do I have to recharge my account to be eligible for the weekly prize? Will the code always be valid for the prize?
The campaign week starts every Sunday and ends on Saturday. So, every recharge done within these days will be eligible for winning Rs. 2 lakh in that particular week. Every four weeks, one customer will win Rs. 10 lakh. The codes received from Week 1 – Week 4 will be eligible for Rs. 10 lakh prize. Similarly, codes from Week 5 – Week 8 and Week 9 – Week 12 will be eligible for the second and third Rs. 10 lakh prize respectively.
When will the winner be announced? Where can we check the winner codes detail?
Winners will be selected in a LIVE show broadcasted from AP1 TV and Ncell’s Facebook page every Monday 6:30PM. You can also check winner codes in Ncell’s official website. Winners will be contacted by Ncell for further process.
What is the process of receiving the prize?
Winners will be contacted by us for further process and prize distribution date.
Does my number have to be registered in my name?
Yes, the number has to be registered on winner’s name. If number is not registered in your name then you can transfer the ownership of the number by following re-verification process.
Do I have to recharge with Recharge Card or can we do online payment to get the codes?
You can recharge via any recharge mediums like recharge card, online, cash payment, VFT, etc. to get the code number.
Is there any limitation of total recharge that I can do in a week?
You can recharge as much as you wish. 
Winning code of Week 1:

Winning code of Week 2:

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