Now get the freedom to work from anywhere 

with Wifi on-the-go!

Wouldn’t it be amazing to experience Day and Night Data, anytime, anywhere! With the all new 4G Pocket Wifi, now you can do just that. So you can go wherever work takes you. 
At just Rs. 499 per month (excluding tax), enjoy 10GB Day Data from 6 AM to 6 PM and 5GB Data from 6 PM to 6 AM every month. 
And how do that? Simple. Purchase the Ncell Pocket Wifi SIM from your nearest Ncell center at Rs. 748.92 (including tax) which includes one-time SIM charge and the monthly data charge, place the SIM inside a GSM Wifi Router, (easily available in the market) and gear up to enjoy mobile 4G internet!
Subscription fee for the Pocket Wifi is as per follows:

  Price without Tax (Rs.) Govt. Taxes (Rs.) Final Price (Rs.)
Activation fee with Data Pack 579.80 169.11 748.92
Monthly Price 499 150.92 649.92

Some frequently asked questions:
1. What is the Ncell Pocket Wifi?
Ncell Pocket Wifi is a special SIM card available at Ncell centers.
2. Is this like an ordinary SIM? Can I make calls and send SMS using the SIM?
You cannot make voice calls or send SMS using the pocket Wifi SIM.
3. Is the Pocket Wifi service available to all Network (2G/3G/4G)?
You can use the Pocket Wifi service in 4G Network only.
4. What will I get when I purchase this SIM?
With the Ncell Pocket Wifi, you will get 10GB Day Data from 6 AM to 6 PM and 5GB night Data from 6 PM to 6 AM for a month.
5. What will happen if I exhaust my included resources, can I use internet without buying any data pack?
If you exhaust the included resources, you will have to buy 1GB Pocket Wifi Data Pack with 7 Days validity to use the internet.
6. How can I purchase 1GB Pocket Wifi Data Pack?
To purchase the data pack, type A and send SMS to 9800011115, use e-Care service or you can visit nearest Ncell centre for assistance.
7. How do I use ecare?
You can go to the Ncell website and click on ecare tab or go to https://ecare.ncell.axiata.com:9443/nser/ . First you will have to activate the ecare account, after activation and login, you can go to service management module and then recharge tab where you have to insert recharge pin for top up.
8. How can I purchase 1GB Pocket Wifi Data Pack from ecare?
After login to ecare account, you can go service management module and then activate service tab. In the activate service tab you can click to Activate Data Services tab from where you can purchase 1GB Pocket Wifi Data Pack.



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