How to pay my bills?
You can make payments of your Pro accounts through the below mentioned channels all over Nepal. Once your payment is received, your Pro account will be adjusted accordingly.

Ncell Centres
You can make payments of your Pro accounts through any of the Ncell Centres all over Nepal. Please click here to view the location of Ncell Centres. 

Bank Counters
You can pay your Pro Bills through the counter deposits from the following Banks:
Online Payment

You can now make payments of your Pro accounts through e-Sewa, the most convenient way to top up your accounts online.

This facility is available for all:

Ncell Pro Credit / paid in advance 
Ncell Connect Credit / paid in advance

You can make payments of your Ncell Pro account online by the following ways:
1. e-Sewa Online Payment Portal
Please visit the e-Sewa online payment portal www.esewa.com.np and follow the instructions given there.

To get started:

1. Login on your e-Sewa account or create e-Sewa account for free. 
2. After successful log in, click Pay Utility Bills under Featured Services 
3. Click Ncell on the Tab 
4. Follow the instructions for successful payment.

2. e-Banking
Please visit the official website of the desired bank partnered with e-Sewa and make payments by following the instructions there. 

3. Mobile Banking 
Please visit the official website of the following banks to access your Pro accounts through Mobile Banking. You can also use Internet Banking and Counter Deposit facilities through the Mobile Banking partners. 

To get started:

1. Visit the official website of the bank.

2. Download the Mobile Applications on your device to get started. 

We have mobile Banking facilitated with the following banks:
Main offices of authorized distributors:
You can pay your Pro Bills through the main offices of authorized distributors across Nepal.
How can you get the monthly bill delivered?
You can get your monthly bill delivered through email, courier or online. You can mention it while submitting the Pro contract.
Click here to understand the terminologies of a Pro Bill.
Please note:
  • Monthly billing date – First of every month (Nepali calendar).
  • Bill payment due date – Bill should be paid within 24th of every Nepali calendar, numbers will go to one way suspension on 25th of Nepali calendar if due is not paid.
  • Service suspension – All outgoing services will be discontinued if the bill is not paid within bill payment due date. Lines will resume as soon as payment is made.

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