Weekly Voice Pack

Ajhai najikincha sambandha haru
Aafno priyajan haru sanga 700 minute kura matra Rs. 100 ma.
To buy pack: *17118*2*3#
What is this offer?
In this offer, all Ncell prepaid customers can now get 700 minutes of talk time for just Rs. 100 (Rs 127.69 inclusive of all government taxes). This means per minute call rate of just 14paisa.
How can I purchase the pack?
You can purchase the pack by any of the following methods:
-        Dial *17118*2*3#
-        Type 100A and SMS it to 17118
How and till when can I use this voice pack?
You can use this voice pack to call all your loved ones within Ncell network. This pack will be valid for 7 days from the date of purchase.
Do we need to add or pair numbers to call using this voice pack?
No, you don’t need to add or pair any numbers to use this service. You can use this voice pack to call any number within Ncell network.
I already have another voice pack in my account. What will happen if I buy this voice pack?
If you have other voice packs, the voice pack with the least validity will be used first.
Can I buy this pack multiple times?
Yes, you can buy this pack as many times as you want. In that case, total minutes will be accumulated and the validity of the pack will be 7 days from your last purchase.
How long will this campaign be valid for?
This campaign is valid for 30 days starting from May 7, 2020.

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