Unlimited Day Voice Offer

Be it endless conversations with your loved one or uninterrupted video chats, let this unlimited offer bring you closer than ever before!
Enjoy Unlimited Day Voice Pack at just Rs. 15.32/day and One Hour Unlimited Data Pack at just Rs. 22.60/hour. All rates are inclusive of taxes. Government taxes includes 13% Telecommunication Service Charge and 13% VAT.

What is Day Unlimited Voice offer?
In this offer, all Ncell customer can talk unlimited to any Ncell number from 5am to 5pm.
What is the charges for activating this offer?
The charge is Rs. 15.32 per day including taxes and will be valid for 24 hours.
How can we participate in this offer?
Customer just need to follow below process:
Medium How to buy
USSD Dial *17118*4*2#
IVR Dial 17118 & press 4 & 2
How will I be charged if I have any other bonus balance, minutes or voice pack minutes in my account?
Your bonus minutes will be utilized first followed by bonus rupees but if customer have two bonus minute account then the one with least priority will be utilized first.
Will I be charged if I activate the offer and make a call at 4:55pm and my call ends at 5:15pm?
The first 5 minute will not be charged as it comes under the offer valid time and the call after 5pm will be charged as per normal tariff.
Can postpaid subscriber avail this offer?
Yes, all Ncell subscriber can participate avail offer.
Note: In case of any fraudulent activity, limit of up to 500 minutes per day might be applied.

Unlimited 1-hour Gaming pack

What is one hour unlimited​ data offer?
In this offer, customer can use unlimited mobile data for 1hour from the time of activation at just Rs. 22.60 including taxes. 
How can I subscribe this service?
Just dial *17123# or type U and send SMS to 17123 to subscribe the service.
Can I use one hour of unlimited data at any time of the day?
You can use unlimited data for one hour from the time of activation.
Can I buy it multiple times?
You can buy it multiple times till campaign duration.
What if I buy the pack at 10 AM and again at 10:30 AM?
The time will be calculated with last subscription so your pack will be valid until 11:30 AM.
How will I know when my pack expires?

Pack expires at exactly 1 hour from time of subscription. Pack expiry time will also be given in activation message while activating the pack.

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