Student Plan

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has set into precedence, the shift into remote learning through online classes as the accepted mode of education. To fulfil the needs of students, schools, colleges, and universities for convenient and secure means of connecting through digital platforms, we present to you our student centric plan- Student Plan. The plan offers attractive features such as 20 GB Data for online classes, additional data for net surfing, voice, and a special CUG that extends to two family members and much more!

How do I purchase the Student Plan?
Student Plan is a high value plan for students that can be purchased in the following ways:
  1. It can be availed via your Institutional Admin Office.
  2. Prepaid customers can purchase it by dialing *17149#
  3. Post-paid customers can visit the nearest Ncell Centre to purchase the plans.
Who are included in CUG (Closed User Group)?
If the SIM has been availed by the Institutional Admin Office, all the students subscribed to the plan will enjoy CUG. Additionally, you can nominate teachers and family members to include the CUG under Family SIM (Plan).

What is the benefit of CUG (Closed User Group )?
You can call 2 hours for free everyday on the numbers you have added on CUG group.
What will happen when included resources are over?
For Voice and SMS, PAYG rates will be applicable once the resources are over. You  can dial *17118# for voice packs and  *17119# for sms packs.
You will not be charged in PAYG rates for data usage. You can dial *17123# to buy data packs and use internet in lower rates.
What will happen when daily hour of CUG is consumed?
You can talk at Rs. 0.30 per minute in CUG.

Can prepaid users change plan if they do not want to continue the plan?
Prepaid users can change the plan by dialling *17149# and switch to Sajilo. If they want to re-subscribe the plan they can buy the plan dialling *17149#.

Can Postpaid users take this plan?
Postpaid users can activate this Plan by visiting nearest Ncell Centre.

If Postpaid users switched to the Plan and later decide to cancel it, how to deactivate this Plan?
Postpaid users can deactivate the Plan from any nearest Ncell Centre.
What is the validity of this Plan?
The validity of this Plan is 30 days.

What happens after expiry of Plan subscription?
To continue the plan, you will have to maintain monthly rental every 30 days. However, you can still use PAYG voice, SMS and buy data packs.

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Student Plan A
Student Plan B
Student Plan C
Family SIM
CUG Free 2hrs/day 2hrs/day 2hrs/day 1hrs/day
Ncell-Ncell Voice 50 150 250 50 
Ncell-Other Voice - 25 50 -
Data-3G/4G 1GB 2GB 4GB 1GB
Data - 4G 2GB 4GB 8GB  2GB
E-learning Data( Zoom,
Google service, Teams)
20GB 20GB 20GB
Ncell-Ncell SMS 50 50 100 50
Ncell-Other SMS - 10 50 -
Price (excl. taxes) 250 350 550  200
Price (incl. taxes) 319.23 446.92 702.30 255.38
PAYG  - - - -
Voice /min on-net  0.9 0.8 0.8 0.9
Voice/min off-net  1 1 1 1
SMS off net  1 1 1 1
SMS on net  0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5
CUG  0.3 0.3 0.3 0.3
Tax includes 13% VAT and 13% TSC.

Dial 17149 for more information about Student Plan.

How to subscribe?
A. Existing Ncell user
i. Dial *17149# and follow the instructions.
ii. Application/ Recommendation letter from respective school- in order to get ‘CUG service’ in the school letter head mentioning the details of students and teachers. Email the application letter at: corporatecare@ncell.axiata.com
B. Under School ownership:             
i. Duly filled, signed and stamped of ‘Corporate subscription form’ along with the Copy of PAN, company register certificate, authorized person ID.
Visit our nearest Ncell centre or call 9005 for support.
C. Under Individual ownership school recommendation:
i. Duly filled, signed and stamped of Individual subscription form
ii. Passport size photograph, copy of Citizenship/passport/license
iii. Application/ Recommendation letter from respective school- in order to get ‘CUG service’ in the school letter head mentioning the details of students and teachers.
D. Customer care and support channels:
i. Dial 17149 for information
ii. Dial 9005 for customer care support
iii. Mail: corporatecare@ncell.axiata.com

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